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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(dir) CM/        
(dir) base/    14 years  arta  jsoc.h/1.6
 Fix for control-c for direct-connect modules. The database connection was being ...
(dir) build/    15 years  arta  ccd-icc/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) doc/    14 years  kehcheng  dcs2_convert_to_0_or_1.txt/1.2
 dcs2 (the spare) is online all the time now
(dir) doxygen/        
(dir) export/        
(dir) hk/        
(dir) proj/        
(dir) projconf/        
(dir) src/        
(file) getmachtype.pl   1.1  13 years  arta  Move machine-type-guessing code from moreconfigure.pl (which implies that youd h...
(file) getuid.c   1.1  13 years  rick  new function to get sums mgr uid for localization.h file
(file) Makefile   1.2  14 years  jsoc  Ensure that the global build macro, CDIR, doesn't have the /auto/homeX stuff in ...
(file) netdrms_setup.pl   1.2  14 years  arta  Check in Joe Hs new version of this script - not sure what the changes are
(file) seed_sums.c   1.2  14 years  arta  fix typo
(file) README   1.3  14 years  jps  Fixed some URL bugs and made compliling friendlier to the copy and paste brigade...
(file) Rules.mk   1.4  13 years  arta  Add support for Fortran files with .f90 extension.
(file) make_jsoc.pl   1.4  15 years  arta  Fix script path name
(file) config.local.template   1.11  13 years  arta  Revamp some make-system files to handle third-party libraries better. There is n...
(file) customizemake.pl   1.3  13 years  arta  Add support for ia64 machines, and specific machines (j1, d02, database servers,...
(file) gen_sumcf.csh   1.4  14 years  rick  fixed name extension of config file
(file) configure   1.56  13 years  arta  Ticket #186 - configure now checks for existence of the custom.mk before attempt...
(file) gen_init.csh   1.19  13 years  arta  Remove the lines that create the SQL files that create the drms_series and drms_...
(file) jsoc_update.pl   1.7  14 years  arta  Reorganize and fix doxygen tags in our modules
(file) jsoc_sync.pl   1.9  13 years  arta  Hopefully fix that problem for removing spurious cvs checkout: move away <file>;...
(file) moreconfigure.pl   1.9  13 years  arta  Move machine-type-guessing code from moreconfigure.pl (which implies that youd h...
(file) make_basic.mk   1.63  13 years  arta  Ensure that the path to libdsds.so doesnt use /auto/homeX.
(file) target.mk   1.20  13 years  arta  fix build not working because of cookbook sample

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