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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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(dir) CM/        
(dir) base/    14 years  arta  jsoc.h/1.6
 Fix for control-c for direct-connect modules. The database connection was being ...
(dir) build/    15 years  arta  ccd-icc/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) doc/    14 years  kehcheng  dcs2_convert_to_0_or_1.txt/1.2
 dcs2 (the spare) is online all the time now
(dir) doxygen/        
(dir) export/        
(dir) hk/        
(dir) proj/        
(dir) projconf/        
(dir) src/        
(file) Makefile   1.4  13 years  arta  NetDRMS user can now build proj dirs that come from the full JSOC build; the use...
(file) Rules.mk   1.4  13 years  arta  Add support for Fortran files with .f90 extension.
(file) config.local.template   1.12  13 years  arta  Add instructions detailing how to build SU-proj dirs at NetDRMS sites.
(file) configure   1.58  13 years  arta  Dont try to use config.local if it isnt present
(file) customizemake.pl   1.6  13 years  arta  Fix typo
(file) gen_init.csh   1.19  13 years  arta  Remove the lines that create the SQL files that create the drms_series and drms_...
(file) getmachtype.pl   1.1  13 years  arta  Move machine-type-guessing code from moreconfigure.pl (which implies that youd h...
(file) jsoc_sync.pl   1.9  13 years  arta  Hopefully fix that problem for removing spurious cvs checkout: move away <file>;...
(file) make_basic.mk   1.65  12 years  arta  Various random changes to make code build on icc/gcc/ia32/x86_64
(file) netdrms_setup.pl   1.2  13 years  arta  Check in Joe Hs new version of this script - not sure what the changes are
(file) seed_sums.c   1.2  14 years  arta  fix typo
(file) target.mk   1.25  12 years  couvidat  *** empty log message ***
(file) README   1.3  14 years  jps  Fixed some URL bugs and made compliling friendlier to the copy and paste brigade...
(file) gen_sumcf.csh   1.4  13 years  rick  fixed name extension of config file
(file) getuid.c   1.1  13 years  rick  new function to get sums mgr uid for localization.h file
(file) jsoc_update.pl   1.7  14 years  arta  Reorganize and fix doxygen tags in our modules
(file) make_jsoc.pl   1.4  15 years  arta  Fix script path name
(file) moreconfigure.pl   1.10  12 years  arta  Various random changes to make code build on icc/gcc/ia32/x86_64

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