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Current tag:NetDRMS_Ver_8-0
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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(file) configproj.pl   1.4  12 years  arta  Fix for accidentally missing the Stanford proj-configuration configure script du...
(file) getmachtype.pl   1.1  13 years  arta  Move machine-type-guessing code from moreconfigure.pl (which implies that youd h...
(file) getuid.c   1.1  14 years  rick  new function to get sums mgr uid for localization.h file
(file) customizemake.pl   1.11  10 years  arta  More changes for linux_avx.
(file) gen_init.csh   1.29  11 years  arta  Dont use 3 as a default for SUMS_MULTIPLE_PARTNSETS. Also, dont require this par...
(file) moreconfigure.pl   1.12  12 years  arta  Source configure and make changes that allow users to checkout NetDRMS plus spec...

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