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(file) getmachtype.pl   1.1  13 years  arta  Move machine-type-guessing code from moreconfigure.pl (which implies that youd h...
(file) suflag.txt   1.3  13 years  arta  Moved the interpolate library from base to proj - added the fresize code too.
(file) configproj.pl   1.4  12 years  arta  Fix for accidentally missing the Stanford proj-configuration configure script du...
(file) config.local.sutemplate   1.5  10 years  arta  More changes for linux_avx.
(file) customizedefs.pl   1.7  10 years  arta  Add the PRODUSER_DBHOST, PRODUSER_DBNAME, PRODUSER_PRODTAB, and PRODUSER_COLUSER...
(file) gen_init.csh   1.8  14 years  arta  Modify gen_init.csh to print out the SUMS_TAPE_AVAILABLE define; also fix gen_su...
(file) customizemake.pl   1.11  10 years  arta  More changes for linux_avx.
(file) jsoc_update.pl   1.7  14 years  arta  Reorganize and fix doxygen tags in our modules
(file) jsoc_sync.pl   1.9  13 years  arta  Hopefully fix that problem for removing spurious cvs checkout: move away <file>;...
(file) moreconfigure.pl   1.12  12 years  arta  Source configure and make changes that allow users to checkout NetDRMS plus spec...

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