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(dir) V1.0/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.0/    11 years  arta  sum_release.txt/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.1/    11 years  arta  sum_release.txt/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.2/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.3/    11 years  arta  README/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.0/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.1/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.2/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.3/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.8/    11 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V4.0/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add ver 4.0 release notes
(dir) V4.1/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 version 4.1 release notes
(dir) V4.2/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Fix typo where V4.2 was instead V4.1
(dir) V4.3/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes in preparation for the V4.3 JSOC release
(dir) V4.4/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for the Version 4.4 JSOC release
(dir) V4.5/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for JSOC release 4.5
(dir) V4.6/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Addition of release notes for the upcoming Version 4.6 JSOC release.
(dir) V4.7/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Break long lines in Version 4-7 release notes
(dir) V5.0/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes for JSOC version 5.0
(dir) V5.1/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Updated 5.1 release notes as it has been takinga long time to get this release o...
(dir) V5.10/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Various random changes to make code build on icc/gcc/ia32/x86_64
(dir) V5.11/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 One more change before the release
(dir) V5.12/    7 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for JSOC release 5.12
(dir) V5.13/    7 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 remove obsolete information for the release notes. things have changed, especial...
(dir) V5.14/    7 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 The release notes for the 5.14 JSOC release.
(dir) V5.2/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Add important note to release notes
(dir) V5.3/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 quick release to fix probls
(dir) V5.4/        
(dir) V5.5/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 fix typo in release notes
(dir) V5.7/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Update for farside project.
(dir) V5.8/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes for V5.8
(dir) V5.9/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for V5.9 of the JSOC>
(dir) V6.0/    7 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for 6.0 release.
(dir) V6.1/    6 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Add Ricks release notes.
(dir) V6.3/    6 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes for 6.3 JSOC release.
(dir) V6.4/    6 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Empty template for JSOC 6.4 release notes.
(dir) V7.0/    6 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Release notes for version 7.0
(dir) V8.0/    5 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Incorporate ricks release notes into the general version 8.0 release notes
(dir) V8.1/    5 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 V8.1 release notes.
(dir) V8.10/    3 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
(dir) V8.12/    23 months  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Added release notes for the 8.12 release.
(dir) V8.2/    4 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Lost track of this - apparently I never committed it. And by the looks of the wi...
(dir) V8.3/    4 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Release notes for the 8.3 DRMS release.
(dir) V8.4/    4 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for the pending 8.4 DRMS release.
(dir) V8.5/    4 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for version 8.5 of DRMS.
(dir) V8.6/    4 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add the release notes for the 8.6 DRMS release.
(dir) V8.7/    3 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for DRMS 8.7.
(dir) V8.8/    3 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Add a note about the new localization parameter.
(dir) V8.9/    3 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for DRMS 8.9.
(dir) V9.0/    20 months  arta  release.notes/1.1
 empty release notes for now
(dir) V9.1/    15 months  arta  release.notes/1.1
 release notes for DRMS 9.1
(file) createtags.pl   1.9  9 years  arta  add to list of sums su-jim-specific scripts that shouldnt be tagged when doing t...
(file) release.howto   1.13  7 years  arta  Update the release howto to use dlsource.pl, which makes it easy to update CVS t...
(file) tagRelease.py   1.6  4 years  arta  Handle case where cmd-line arguments are invalid.

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