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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(dir) 9.5/        
(dir) V1.0/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.0/    15 years  arta  sum_release.txt/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.1/    15 years  arta  sum_release.txt/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.2/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V2.3/    15 years  arta  README/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.0/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.1/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.2/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.3/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V3.8/    15 years  arta  release.notes/
 First new, reorganized JSOC tree
(dir) V4.0/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add ver 4.0 release notes
(dir) V4.1/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 version 4.1 release notes
(dir) V4.2/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Fix typo where V4.2 was instead V4.1
(dir) V4.3/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes in preparation for the V4.3 JSOC release
(dir) V4.4/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for the Version 4.4 JSOC release
(dir) V4.5/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for JSOC release 4.5
(dir) V4.6/    15 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Addition of release notes for the upcoming Version 4.6 JSOC release.
(dir) V4.7/    14 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Break long lines in Version 4-7 release notes
(dir) V5.0/    14 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes for JSOC version 5.0
(dir) V5.1/    14 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Updated 5.1 release notes as it has been takinga long time to get this release o...
(dir) V5.10/    13 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Various random changes to make code build on icc/gcc/ia32/x86_64
(dir) V5.11/    12 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 One more change before the release
(dir) V5.12/    12 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for JSOC release 5.12
(dir) V5.13/    12 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 remove obsolete information for the release notes. things have changed, especial...
(dir) V5.14/    12 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 The release notes for the 5.14 JSOC release.
(dir) V5.2/    14 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Add important note to release notes
(dir) V5.3/    14 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 quick release to fix probls
(dir) V5.4/        
(dir) V5.5/    13 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 fix typo in release notes
(dir) V5.7/    13 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Update for farside project.
(dir) V5.8/    13 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes for V5.8
(dir) V5.9/    13 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for V5.9 of the JSOC>
(dir) V6.0/    11 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for 6.0 release.
(dir) V6.1/    11 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Add Ricks release notes.
(dir) V6.3/    11 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add release notes for 6.3 JSOC release.
(dir) V6.4/    11 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Empty template for JSOC 6.4 release notes.
(dir) V7.0/    11 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Release notes for version 7.0
(dir) V8.0/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Incorporate ricks release notes into the general version 8.0 release notes
(dir) V8.1/    10 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 V8.1 release notes.
(dir) V8.10/        
(dir) V8.12/        
(dir) V8.2/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Lost track of this - apparently I never committed it. And by the looks of the wi...
(dir) V8.3/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Release notes for the 8.3 DRMS release.
(dir) V8.4/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for the pending 8.4 DRMS release.
(dir) V8.5/    9 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for version 8.5 of DRMS.
(dir) V8.6/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Add the release notes for the 8.6 DRMS release.
(dir) V8.7/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.1
 Release notes for DRMS 8.7.
(dir) V8.8/    8 years  arta  release.notes/1.2
 Add a note about the new localization parameter.
(dir) V8.9/        
(dir) V9.0/        
(dir) V9.1/        
(dir) V9.3/        
(dir) V9.41/        
(dir) V9.5/        
(file) createtags.pl   1.9  13 years  arta  add to list of sums su-jim-specific scripts that shouldnt be tagged when doing t...
(file) release.howto   1.13  12 years  arta  Update the release howto to use dlsource.pl, which makes it easy to update CVS t...
(file) tagRelease.py   1.6  9 years  arta  Handle case where cmd-line arguments are invalid.

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