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* You cd and edit files in your sandbox as appropriate. When you want to 
commit your changes to the repository do:

> cvs commit [file] 
> [sync_binary_dirtree.sh] (Obsolete)

It is only necessary to run sync_binary_dirtree.sh if the binary 
repository has been updated or new dirs have been added to the source tree.

You will be asked for any change notes. 

* To resynchronize your sandbox with the repository do:

> cvs update -APd

(the -d will download new directories as well)
See the cvs man page for all switches and options.

* To add a file to the repository, first create the file in your sandbox and 
then do from the dir containing the file:

> cvs add filename
> cvs commit

If you're adding a binary file, use the -kb option:
> cvs add -kb file.doc

If you forgot to use the -kb at add time, you can later do:
> cvs admin -kb file.doc

* To remove a file from the repository, first remove the file in your
sandbox and then do from the dir containing the file:

> cvs remove filename
> cvs commit

* To determine which files are up-to-date and which need to be committed:

> cvs status [file]
> cvs status -v [file]	(see status and tagging info)

* To see the revision history of a file:

> cvs log sum_svc.c

* To retrieve a static, read only copy of a previous version:

> cvs update -r 1.2 filename

* To remove the sticky tag after a previous version checkout:

> cvs update -A filename              #remove a sticky tag

* To revert your sandbox file to a previous revision:

> cvs update -j sandbox_revision -j previous_revision


There is a web page GUI at:


Karen Tian
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