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Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
First new, reorganized JSOC tree

        * Fixed some compiler warnings, unused variables, etc.

        * Bug fixes.

	* Fixed various memory problems, mainly leaks.

        * Added a NORETRIEVE mode to call SUM_get().  A retrieve flag
          is added to drms_getunit(), drms_su_getsudir(), and
          drms_record_directory().  Use RETRIEVE when the retrieve
          flag is non-zero, otherwise use NORETRIEVE.

	* drms/Makefile: modules and server executables that
	  are not commonly in use are now commented out.

	* Set tdays when DRMS calls SUM_get().

	* Created drms/modify_series.c, a utility to modify the archive
	  flag for a series.

	* Added -j option in drms/describe_series.c to generate output
          in jsd format.

	* Renamed: 
	  env->lifetime -> env->retention.

        * DRMS_MAXPATHLEN = 512, was 256 
	  DRMS_MAXSEGFILENAME = 256, was 32	  

        * Added env->archive to override series definition.  

        * Added a macro to check the return of snprintf and to print
	  warnings if the string gets truncated.

	* Do not archive if the log SU is empty.

	* Unless verbose flag is set, the signal thread's "all is OK"
	  message is suppressed for signal USR1.

	* Replaced db_maxbygroup() with SQL 'group by'.
	  Added 'order by'.

	* Turned off logging by default on drms_server and client modules.

	* Added segment filename. This name is recorded in the series
          table as column sg_XXX_file, where XXX is the segment
          number. It's initialized when the segment is first written
          into, either via drms_segment_write()
          or drms_segment_write_from_file().

	* Series is by default readable by public (was by jsoc).

Karen Tian
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