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Release Notes JSOC V9.5

New features:
- implements export-system flask webapp, which includes:
  - database functions to support direct database queries
  - a socket server that accepts JSON messages from the flask app, runs DRMS code, and returns
    JSON messages back to the app
  - a WSGI port of CGI interface for legacy use; raw original export-system JSON responses are
    returned to the WSGI caller
  - a logging system used directly by the flask app and all code invoked by the app
  - many tests for the WSGI interface
- implements server and client TCP applications to deliver final-archive data to SDAC
- implements a replacement for sum_rm, sums_steward.py
  - allows the user to specify a "SUMS-put" file to which the paths of newly created Storage Units (SUs)
    are written - this allows a production user to run administrative programs, such as chown and chmod,
    on each SU
  - uses new features in sumsd.py that support the use of the SUMS-put file
- organizes python modules into packages that are installed as part of the NetDRMS installation
- augments on-demand retrieval of linked-record information (one record at a time) from the database with
  pre-fetch retrievals of chunks of linked records
  - removes DRMS-link following code from the code that "stages" DRMS records
  - adds code to follow links to the code that retrieves parent-record information from the database
  - improves performance
  - caches partial linked records (the parts reachable from the parent records)
  - reduces the memory usage of, and speeds up the execution of show_info
- implements a very fast method for copying elements between HContainer_t structures; replaces the
  original inefficient method with the new method in code that retrieves record-information from the database
- adds support for "manifest" record-set specifications
  - used by final-archive delivery server code
  - uses several new database functions written to manipulate manifest tables
- reorganizes export-processing code so that the ratio of the output image size to the input image size can
  be calculated in DRMS code; before this change, the ratio calculation was performed in JavaScript,
  which was not available to DRMS wrappers such as Sunpy/drms
  - adds an argument to jsoc_fetch and jsoc_info for Sunpy/drms use that contains the JSON processing object
- improves efficiency of FITS export code
  - the original code used the method used by FITSIO's imcopy program to copy images in memory
  - the new code uses different FITSIO calls to copy FITS structures, and runs much faster
- ports the remaining python-2 scripts to python-3 scripts
- implements a program to create database-table snapshots as a method of replicating DB table info
  without Slony
- improves performance of list-insertion
- implements a write_to_file() python method in drms lock-file code
- implements update_effective_date.py, a script to update the `effective date` in SUMS
- ports the private su_rsb.noaa_activeregions series to a public jsoc.noaa_active_regions series for use
  with the export system's processing functionality
- adds a pull-down in the processing section of the export system that allows the user to select the
  disambiguation method to use for the HmiB2Ptr processing step
- implements, in securedrms.py, an asyncio method that exports data to the caller without
  without writing intermediate files; export data are created in memory and streamed to the user
  using a python generator function in the flask app
- improves efficiency of keyword-alias code

Bug fixes:
- disentangles fitsio.h, cfitsio.h, tasrw.h, and drms_fitsrw.h include-path confusion
- fixes a bug in ingest_from_fits code that maps FITS keyword names into their corresponding DRMS keyword names
- fixes a bug in refounting SU objects
- fixes use of uninitialized variables
- fixes memory leaks
- fixes buffer overruns
- fixes code that closes DRMS records - patches up memory leaks
- fixes problems with rsumsd.py not resuming interrupted requests; the processes of dispatching new requests and
  resuming interrupted ones was greatly simplified to remove the complexity that led to bugs
- fixes jsoc_info so that is operates on record-set specifications that contain subsets
- fixes an issue where too many floating-point digits were being printed during export
- fixes an issue in code updating COMMENT and HISTORY DRMS keywords
- fixes numerous issues with the export.html UI and email registration

Getting/Using this release:
This release has been installed in /home/jsoc/cvs/JSOC. To use these binaries, you can run them

$ /home/jsoc/cvs/JSOC/bin/linux_x86_64/show_info -j hmi.M_45s

for example. Or you can put /home/jsoc/cvs/JSOC/bin/linux_x86_64 in your path environment variable.

You can instead build your own executables - even if you do not have access to lab machines.
If you do have lab access, you can "check out" a fresh copy of the release source files by

$ cd <directory of releases>
$ /home/jsoc/dlsource.pl -r Ver_9-5 # to obtain JSOC 9.5
$ /home/jsoc/dlsource.pl -f net -r NetDRMS_Ver_9-5 # to obtain NetDRMS 9.5

These commands will create a directory named "JSOC" that will contain the release
source files. After checking out the source files, you would then configure and build by running

$ cd JSOC
$ ./configure
$ make

If instead of downloading a new source-code tree, you can update an existing one by running

$ $ cd <release root directory>
$ /home/jsoc/dlsource.pl -r Ver_9-5 -o update # to update to JSOC 9.5
$ /home/jsoc/dlsource.pl -r NetDRMS_Ver_9-5 -o update # to update to NetDRMS 9.5

If you do not have lab access, you can still download the NetDRMS release. Detailed
instructions are at http://jsoc.stanford.edu/jsocwiki/DRMSSetup#install-netdrms.

Karen Tian
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