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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(dir) apps/    6 years  arta  jsoc_info.c/1.43
 add a flag, DRMS_DBUTF8CLIENTENCODING, that sets the DB client to use UTF8 encod...
(dir) libs/    12 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.2
 Move the export code from JSOC/base/drms to JSOC/base/export. This is in prepara...
(dir) scripts/    6 years  arta  jsocextinfo.py/1.10
 replace stdout handed to this script by apache or shell with a text stream that ...
(dir) webapps/    9 years  arta  datarepl.html/1.10
 Add a second list to the Subscribed Series pane. Clean up html a bit.
(file) Rules.mk   1.1  13 years  arta  Move export project from proj/export to base/export

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Karen Tian
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