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(dir) cjson/    2 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.2
 changes to base to remove rpc dependency when SUMS_USEMTSUMS_ALL is defined
(dir) cmdparams/    13 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.2
 Rework cmdparams so that it is known which args were accessed by the code linkin...
(dir) db/    5 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.4
 make a fpic version of DRMS lib and DB lib in preparation for Python DRMS packag...
(dir) defs/    14 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.3
 localization changes and fixes for NetDRMS2.0beta
(dir) dstruct/    15 years  arta  testhcon.c/1.1
 Move JSOC/src/base to JSOC/base and JSOC/src/proj to JSOC/proj. 86 JSOC/src.
(dir) errlog/    14 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.1
 Initial implementation of record-chunking (minus the code that actually uses a c...
(dir) fitsrw/    6 months  arta  cfitsio.c/1.79
 Adds support for exporting a FITS file to an output path, given an input array o...
(dir) interpolate/        
(dir) inthandles/    15 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.1
 Move JSOC/src/base to JSOC/base and JSOC/src/proj to JSOC/proj. 86 JSOC/src.
(dir) jsmn/    10 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.1
 Add jsmn library.
(dir) json/    13 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.1
 Add the json library into base - it got removed from the proj/lib dir so that ex...
(dir) logmonitor/    12 years  arta  Logmontools.pm/1.1
 Add Carls perl module that provides functions that print log output suitable for...
(dir) misc/    7 months  arta  util.c/1.41
 Fixes drms_parserecset parsing failure when spec contains whitespace at the end
(dir) perl/    9 years  arta  drmsArgs.pm/1.4
 Update the exe path for ActiveState updates.
(dir) py/    20 months  arta  drmsLock.py/1.10
 Adds write_to_file
(dir) qdecoder/    13 years  arta  qString.c/1.1
 Ticket #229 - Add qdecoder library; also jsoc_fetchs use of that library.
(dir) ricecomp/        
(dir) threads/    14 years  arta  tdsignals.h/1.2
 Fix some bugs in the list code. Add a new structure, queue, to libdstructa. Mo...
(dir) timeio/    13 years  arta  Rules.mk/1.2
 move atoinc.c and str_utils.c from base/sums/libs/api - they are not used by sum...
(file) Rules.mk   1.12  7 years  arta  Change the message-transfer protocol (for the MT SUMS daemon) from Python pickle...

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