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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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(file) Rules.mk   1.12  9 years  arta  New script to ingest FDS product files for IRIS, a new script to parse the orbit...
(file) addkey.c   1.1  11 years  arta  Add Ricks drms_addkey.c to the JSOC tree.
(file) create_series.c   1.12  9 years  arta  Fix some bugs - orbit and hlzsaa were switched in one place; there was a space i...
(file) delete_series.c   1.8  10 years  arta  Document the -k flag of delete_series.
(file) describe_series.c   1.13  11 years  arta  Fix the average-bytes-per-record-on-disk calculation - was using atoi to convert...
(file) dscp.c   1.7  9 years  arta  A support for copying between segments whose data types do not match. Also, fix ...
(file) ingestdata.c   1.4  9 years  arta  Fix some big memory leaks.
(file) set_info.c   1.15  9 years  arta  Document the feature that ingests keyword-values from the FITS-file header.
(file) show_keys.c   1.12  14 years  arta  Finish reworking cmdparams/module_args documentation.
(file) retrieve_dir.c   1.7  14 years  phil  update doc
(file) show_coverage.c   1.22  9 years  arta  Fix some bugs - orbit and hlzsaa were switched in one place; there was a space i...
(file) show_info.c   1.105  9 years  arta  Fix some minor memory leaks in the new link-stage code.
(file) show_series.c   1.19  10 years  arta  Fix premature freeing of the series filter.
(file) store_file.c   1.7  13 years  arta  Update documentation to improve accuracy in the documentation that describes the...
(file) timeslot.c   1.1  10 years  arta  New module to convert from time value to slot number for time-slotted keywords.
(file) plot_keys.c   1.2  15 years  jennifer  Changed drms_keyword_printval to use function drms_keyword_fprintval with stdout...
(file) retrieve_file.c   1.6  14 years  phil  update doc
(file) set_keys.c   1.12  12 years  phil  Fixed to not stage SU unless needed for COPY mode. CV: -------------------------...
(file) store_dir.c   1.7  9 years  phil  Added DATE keyword to default series JSD and removed mention of the obsolete 'pe...

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