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(file) dscp.c   1.7  9 years  arta  A support for copying between segments whose data types do not match. Also, fix ...
(file) addkey.c   1.1  11 years  arta  Add Ricks drms_addkey.c to the JSOC tree.
(file) plot_keys.c   1.2  15 years  jennifer  Changed drms_keyword_printval to use function drms_keyword_fprintval with stdout...
(file) delete_series.c   1.8  10 years  arta  Document the -k flag of delete_series.
(file) set_info.c   1.15  9 years  arta  Document the feature that ingests keyword-values from the FITS-file header.
(file) show_keys.c   1.12  14 years  arta  Finish reworking cmdparams/module_args documentation.
(file) ingestdata.c   1.4  9 years  arta  Fix some big memory leaks.
(file) create_series.c   1.12  9 years  arta  Fix some bugs - orbit and hlzsaa were switched in one place; there was a space i...
(file) describe_series.c   1.13  11 years  arta  Fix the average-bytes-per-record-on-disk calculation - was using atoi to convert...
(file) set_keys.c   1.12  12 years  phil  Fixed to not stage SU unless needed for COPY mode. CV: -------------------------...
(file) retrieve_dir.c   1.7  14 years  phil  update doc
(file) show_info.c   1.105  9 years  arta  Fix some minor memory leaks in the new link-stage code.
(file) timeslot.c   1.1  10 years  arta  New module to convert from time value to slot number for time-slotted keywords.
(file) Rules.mk   1.12  9 years  arta  New script to ingest FDS product files for IRIS, a new script to parse the orbit...
(file) store_dir.c   1.7  9 years  phil  Added DATE keyword to default series JSD and removed mention of the obsolete 'pe...
(file) show_series.c   1.19  10 years  arta  Fix premature freeing of the series filter.
(file) show_coverage.c   1.22  9 years  arta  Fix some bugs - orbit and hlzsaa were switched in one place; there was a space i...
(file) store_file.c   1.7  13 years  arta  Update documentation to improve accuracy in the documentation that describes the...
(file) retrieve_file.c   1.6  14 years  phil  update doc

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