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Diff for /JSOC/config.local.template between version 1.11 and 1.12

version 1.11, 2009/09/22 17:43:03 version 1.12, 2010/03/11 21:59:36
Line 177  CFITSIO_LIB cfitsio
Line 177  CFITSIO_LIB cfitsio
 #     CFITSIO_LIBS:N02  /usr/lib64 #     CFITSIO_LIBS:N02  /usr/lib64
 # *** end CFITSIO *** # *** end CFITSIO ***
   # NetDRMS users can request subdirectories from the Stanford proj directories
   # (e.g., JSOC/proj/util). These users will need to contact Stanford and obtain
   # the source subdirectories desired. They will then place these subdirectories
   # in the JSOC/proj directory of their NetDRMS release. To properly build
   # targets in these subdirectories, using the JSOC make system, the user needs
   # to add entries to this configuration file - one entry for each subdirectory
   # that contains source code to be compiled. Each entry is a space-separated pair
   # of strings: the string "PROJDIR" followed by a subdirectory (of the proj
   # directory).  For example:
   # PROJDIR     util/apps
   # PROJDIR     util/libs
   # NOTE: It is not sufficient to list only a parent directory, like util. Source code
   # in child directories will not automatically be compiled.

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