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Revision: 1.5, Thu Apr 23 05:04:37 2009 UTC (13 years, 11 months ago) by rick
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: Ver_LATEST, Ver_5-1, NetDRMS_Ver_2-0a2
Changes since 1.4: +22 -16 lines
added entry for SUMS_TAPE_AVAILABLE; improved comments

# NetDRMS local site configuration info
# edit the values in the second column of each line in this file to reflect
#   the values appropriate to your site

# a marker to indicate whether this file has been checked/edited. You MUST
# either change its value to yes (or anything but NO) or comment it out.

# the next three entries must almost certainly be changed to reflect your
#   local configuration

# the name of the NetDRMS database; the SUMS database will be assumed to
#   have the same name with "_sums" appended

# the host name of the default database server you will be accessing; you
#   should include the internet domain (e.g. host.subnet.net) if the server is
#   not on your subnet; but if it is on your subnet it may be better not to
# the default value is only really appropriate if you are running in a
#   single-user environment, such as a laptop; whether it is the default
#   or a named host depends on how the postgres database named above and
#   its dependent _sums have been configured in their pg_hba.conf files:
#   localhost for METHOD "trust", a named host for METHOD "ident sameuser"

# a 15-bit numerical site identifier; values < 16384 (0x4000) are for
#   publicly exporting sites, and must be registered to assure uniqueness
# the default value is for a private unregistered site, and may not provide
#   access to publicly exporting sites

# the default values for the following five entries may or may  not be
#   appropriate for your site configuration, depending on how and where
#   third-party software has been set up and installed

# the user name of the postgres administrative account; normally "postgres"
#   if you have followed the PostgreSQL installation suggestions

# the include path for the PostgreSQL API; likely to be either
#   /usr/include/pgsql or /usr/local/pgsql/include
#   it should contain the subdirectories: informix, internal, and server
POSTGRES_INCS	/usr/include/pgsql

# the location of the PostgreSQL libs; likely to be either
#   /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 or /usr/local/pgsql/lib
POSTGRES_LIBS	/usr/include/pgsql

# the location of third-party libraries (especially cfitsio, which is required,
#   also others that may be used for modules such as fftw, gsl, etc.)
# if different libraries are in different paths, it is recommended that links
#   to all required ones be made in the single directory named here
THIRD_PARTY_LIBS	/usr/local/lib

# the location of third-party library include files (currently ignored);
#   see above for multiple locations
THIRD_PARTY_INCS	/usr/local/include

# a sample namespace appropriate to your site; this is only used for a
#   couple of database initialization scripts and is not important for
#   subsequent installations/updates

# the following entries are specific to the SUMS configuration

# the user name of the SUMS administrator account - a special account is
#   recommended for multi-user systems, but not required
SUMS_MANAGER	production

# the host name of the default SUMS server you will be using; this is the
#   the machine that the SUMS storage units are mounted on, not necessarily
#   the machine serving the Postgres SUMS database

# the base directory for SUMS logs and configuration files; used by
# base/sums/apps/sum_svc.c and sum_rm.c
SUMS_LOG_BASEDIR	/usr/local/logs/SUM

# whether a tape archive service is available for SUMS or not; set to a
# non-zero value if it is

Karen Tian
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