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Revision: 1.89, Sun Nov 20 00:47:01 2022 UTC (10 months ago) by kehcheng
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.88: +16 -0 lines
add linux_avx2 support

# This file contains JSOC_SDP-specific configuration information. It is used only if the '-sdp' flag is used
# as an argument to the check-out script (checkoutDRMS.pl). To change the configuration at Stanford, edit
# this file directly, and commit those changes to the source-tree repository.

# The lines in the __PROJ_MK_RULES__ section define JSOC_SDP-specific make variables, targets, and rules. When
# localize.py is run, it will process this section and create JSOC/localization/make_basic.mk. These are
# available to all JSOC_SDP projects.

# The lines in the __PROJ__ section define JSOC_SDP projects. When localize.py runs, file content will be
# added to JSOC/localization/Rules.mk and JSOC/localization/target.mk.

# The lines in the __PROJCFG__ section define additional project-specific configuration. The code in this
# section must be in a shell-scripting language, and will be executed as is.

# The lines in the __MAKE__ section define global make variables to configure the make process. A subset of
# these variables defines the locations of JSOC_SDP-specific third-party libraries. These values apply to all code
# in both JSOC/base and JSOC/proj directories.

q:SERVER                        hmidb
q:DRMSPGPORT                    5432
q:SUMS_DB_HOST                  hmidb3
q:SUMPGPORT                     5434
a:SUMSD_MAX_THREADS             32
a:SUMSD_LISTENPORT              6100
a:DRMS_LOCAL_SITE_CODE          0x0000
q:DBNAME                        jsoc
q:WEB_DBUSER                    apache
q:POSTGRES_ADMIN                postgres
q:SUMS_MANAGER                  production
q:SUMS_GROUP                    SOI
q:SUMLOG_BASEDIR                /usr/local/logs/SUM
q:SUMBIN_BASEDIR                /usr/local/bin
q:SUMSERVER                     k1.stanford.edu
q:SUMS_PUT_FILE                 /usr/local/logs/SUM/sums_put.txt
q:DRMS_LOG_DIR                  /home/jsoc/jsoclogs
q:DRMS_LOCK_DIR                 /home/jsoc/locks
# The number of SUMS process SETS to spawn. If this number is not 1, then the number of SUMS processes
# is SUM_NUMSUM * 5 + 2.
a:SUM_NUMSUM                    3
a:SUM_MAXNUMSUM                 8
# No idea what this parameter means. It isn't used anywhere in our code, but for some reason
# it is part of the config.local set, so we have to include it here.
a:SUMS_DEBUG                    1
q:PRODUSER_DBHOST               hmidb:5432
q:PRODUSER_DBNAME               jsoc
q:PRODUSER_PRODTAB              su_production.produsers
q:PRODUSER_COLUSER              username
q:SUMRM_SLEEP                   300
# This is a file in SUMLOG_BASEDIR.
q:SUMRM_LOG                     sum_rm.cfg
q:SUMRM_MAIL	      	        sys2@solar2
q:SUMRM_NOOP		            0
q:SUMRM_USER		            production
q:SUMRM_NORUN_START	            0
q:SUMRM_NORUN_STOP              0
p:JMD_IS_INSTALLED              0
q:JMD_URL                       http://localhost:8080/JMD/JMD
# Remote SUMS
q:RS_SITE_INFO_URL                      http://jsoc.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/rssites.sh
q:RS_SITE_TABLE                         drms.rs_sites
q:RS_REQUEST_TABLE                      drms.rs_requests
q:RS_SU_TABLE                           drms.rs_sus
q:RS_DBNAME                             jsoc
q:RS_DBHOST                             hmidb
a:RS_DBPORT                             5432
q:RS_DBUSER                             production
q:RS_LOCKFILE                           /home/jsoc/locks/remotesums.lck
q:RS_LOGDIR                             /home/jsoc/jsoclogs/rsums
a:RS_DLTIMEOUT                          120
a:RS_REQTIMEOUT                         300
a:RS_MAXTHREADS                         216
q:RS_BINPATH                            /home/jsoc/cvs/Development/JSOC/bin/linux_x86_64
a:RS_N_WORKERS                          4
q:RS_TMPDIR                             /tmp
a:RS_SCP_MAXSUS                         48
a:RS_SCP_MAXPAYLOAD                     512
a:RS_SCP_TIMEOUT                        2
a:RSCLIENT_TIMEOUT                      1440
q:SS_LOCKFILE                           /home/jsoc/locks/sustewie.lck
a:SS_LOW_WATER                          90
a:SS_HIGH_WATER                         95
a:SS_SU_CHUNK                           4096
a:SS_SLEEP_INTERVAL                     300
a:SS_REHYDRATE_INTERVAL                 3600
# White-list (access to internal stuff)
a:WL_HASWL                              1
q:WL_FILE                               /web/jsoc/htdocs/whitelist.txt
# Bin paths
q:BIN_EXPORT                            /home/jsoc/cvs/Development/JSOC/bin
q:SCRIPTS_EXPORT                        /home/jsoc/cvs/Development/JSOC/scripts
q:DX_SERVER                             solarweb1.stanford.edu
a:DX_LISTEN_PORT                        6200
q:DX_PACKAGE_HOST                       solarweb1.stanford.edu
q:DX_PACKAGE_ROOT                       /tmp/dx/packages
q:EXP_SERVER                            rumble.stanford.edu
a:EXP_LISTEN_PORT                       2020
a:EXP_MESSAGE_TIMEOUT                   30
q:EXP_APP_LOG                           exp_app_log.txt
q:EXPORT_DB_HOST_DEFAULT                hmidb2
q:EXPORT_PRODUCTION_DB_USER             production
q:EXPORT_LOG_DIR                        /home/jsoc/exports/logs
q:EXPORT_LOCK_DIR                       /home/jsoc/exports/tmp
q:EXPORT_HANDLE_DIR                     /home/jsoc/exports
q:EXPORT_PENDING_REQUESTS_TABLE         jsoc.export_pending_reqs
q:EXPORT_PENDING_REQUESTS_MAX_TABLE     jsoc.export_pending_max_reqs
q:EXPORT_ADDRESS_INFO_FN                jsoc.address_info_get
q:EXPORT_ADDRESS_INFO_INSERT_FN         jsoc.address_info_insert
q:EXPORT_ADDRESS_INFO_UPDATE_FN         jsoc.address_info_update
q:EXPORT_ADDRESS_INFO_DELETE_FN         jsoc.address_info_delete
q:EXPORT_USER_INFO_TABLE                jsoc.export_user_info
q:EXPORT_USER_INFO_FN                   jsoc.user_info_get
q:EXPORT_USER_INFO_INSERT_FN            jsoc.user_info_insert
q:EXPORT_USER_INFO_UPDATE_FN            jsoc.user_info_update
q:EXPORT_USER_INFO_DELETE_FN            jsoc.user_info_delete
q:EXPORT_USER_UNREGISTER_FN             jsoc.user_unregister
q:WEB_DOMAIN_PRIVATE                    jsoc2.stanford.edu
q:WEB_DOMAIN_PUBLIC                     jsoc1.stanford.edu
q:BIN_PY                                /home/jsoc/bin/linux_x86_64/activepython27
q:BIN_PY3                               /home/jsoc/anaconda3/bin/python3
a:SUMS_USEMTSUMS                        1
a:SUMS_USEMTSUMS_INFO                   1
# Email registration
a:REGEMAIL_TIMEOUT                      15
# Slony
q:SLONY_CONFIG                          /home/jsoc/cvs/Development/JSOC/proj/replication/etc/repserver.cfg

# lev1.5_hmi
q:POLCAL_PARAMS                         /home/jsoc/hmi/tables/lev15/polcal-param-fit.bin

# time-distance
q:JPL_EPHEM_TABLEDIR                    /home/rick/src/ephem/tables
q:SOHO_EPHEM_TABLE                      /home/soi/CM/tables/ephemeris/summary

# JSOC_SDP third-party libraries used by base
# The parameters in this section are used to create make variables. For example, the line
# 'POSTGRES_LIB = pq' will cause a make variable named POSTGRES_LIB to be created and to
# be assigned the value 'pq'.

# If the name in the left column contains a colon, then the name on the LHS is the parameter name. The RHS is
# a description of which platforms or specific machines the parameter applies to. For example,
# the name POSTGRES_INCS:X86_64 implies that the value of the parameter named POSTGRES_INCS is /usr/include
# when make is run on a linux_x86_64 machine. The RHS string can contain either a platform identifier
# (X86_64, IA32, AVX, or IA64) or it can be a string that identifies a particular machine, like d02.
# If the string is not one of the defined platform identifiers, then it is considered a machine identifier.
# A machine identifier can specify more than one machine. The name POSTGRES_INCS:hmidb specifies
# all machines whose names contain the string 'hmidb'. So, for machines hmidb, hmidb2, and hmidb3, the
# value of the POSTGRES_INCS parameter is /usr/local/pgsql/include.
# If the RHS is a platform identifier, then make compares the value of $JSOC_MACHINE (which is in
# reality a misnomer, since it truly specifies the name of the machine platform, not the name
# of the machine) to the platform name specified by the RHS string. For example,
# if the RHS string is 'avx', then make compares $JSOC_MACHINE to
# 'linux_avx', and if there is a match, then the parameter's value specified in the second column is assigned
# to the make variable. If the RHS is a machine identifier, then make compares the value of $MACHTYPE
# (another misnormer, since it is the name of the machine, not the name of some type of machine ) to
# the machine names specified by the RHS. For example, if the RHS string is 'hmidb' then make
# compares $MACHTYPE to 'hmidb', and if 'hmidb' is a substring of $MACHTYPE, then the parameter's
# value specified in the second column is assigned to the make variable
# Blocks defined by the _CUST_/_ENDCUST_ tags are copied ver batim into the output make file.

POSTGRES_LIB            pq
CFITSIO_LIB             cfitsio

POSTGRES_INCS:X86_64    /usr/include
POSTGRES_INCS:IA32      /usr/include
POSTGRES_INCS:AVX       /usr/include
POSTGRES_INCS:AVX2      /usr/include
POSTGRES_INCS:IA64      /usr/include/pgsql
POSTGRES_INCS:j1       /usr/include/pgsql
POSTGRES_INCS:d02      /usr/include/pgsql
POSTGRES_INCS:hmidb    /usr/local/pgsql/include
POSTGRES_INCS:dcs      /usr/include/pgsql

POSTGRES_LIBS:X86_64    /usr/lib64
POSTGRES_LIBS:IA32      /usr/lib
POSTGRES_LIBS:AVX       /usr/lib64
POSTGRES_LIBS:AVX2      /usr/lib64
POSTGRES_LIBS:IA64      /usr/lib
POSTGRES_LIBS:j1       /usr/lib64
POSTGRES_LIBS:d02      /usr/lib
POSTGRES_LIBS:hmidb    /usr/lib64
POSTGRES_LIBS:cl1n0    /usr/lib64
POSTGRES_LIBS:dcs      /usr/lib64

CFITSIO_INCS:X86_64     /home/jsoc/include
CFITSIO_INCS:IA32       /home/jsoc/include
CFITSIO_INCS:AVX        /home/jsoc/avx/include
CFITSIO_INCS:AVX2       /home/jsoc/avx2/include
CFITSIO_INCS:IA64       /home/jsoc/include
CFITSIO_INCS:j1         /home/jsoc/include
CFITSIO_INCS:hmidb      /home/jsoc/include
CFITSIO_INCS:cl1n0      /home/jsoc/include
CFITSIO_INCS:dcs        /home/jsoc/include

CFITSIO_LIBS:X86_64     /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
CFITSIO_LIBS:IA32       /home/jsoc/lib/linux-ia32
CFITSIO_LIBS:AVX        /home/jsoc/avx/lib
CFITSIO_LIBS:AVX2       /home/jsoc/avx2/lib
CFITSIO_LIBS:IA64       /home/jsoc/lib/linux-ia64
CFITSIO_LIBS:j1         /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
CFITSIO_LIBS:hmidb      /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
CFITSIO_LIBS:cl1n0      /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
CFITSIO_LIBS:dcs        /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64

FFTW_INCS:X86_64        /home/jsoc/include
FFTW_INCS:IA32          /home/jsoc/include
FFTW_INCS:AVX           /home/jsoc/avx/include
FFTW_INCS:AVX2		/dev/null
FFTW_INCS:IA64          /home/jsoc/include

FFTW_LIBS:X86_64        /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
FFTW_LIBS:IA32          /home/jsoc/lib/linux-ia32
FFTW_LIBS:AVX           /home/jsoc/avx/lib
FFTW_LIBS:AVX2		/dev/null
FFTW_LIBS:IA64          /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64

GSL_INCS:X86_64         /home/jsoc/include
GSL_INCS:IA32           /home/jsoc/include
GSL_INCS:AVX            /home/jsoc/avx/include
GSL_INCS:AVX2		/home/jsoc/avx2/include
GSL_INCS:IA64           /home/jsoc/include

GSL_LIBS:X86_64         /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
GSL_LIBS:IA32           /home/jsoc/lib/linux-ia32
GSL_LIBS:AVX            /home/jsoc/avx/lib
GSL_LIBS:AVX2		/home/jsoc/avx2/lib
GSL_LIBS:IA64           /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64

MPI_INCS:X86_64         /home/jsoc/mpich2/include
MPI_INCS:AVX            /home/jsoc/avx/include
MPI_INCS:AVX2         	/dev/null

MPI_LIBS:X86_64         /home/jsoc/mpich2/lib
MPI_LIBS:AVX            /home/jsoc/avx/lib
MPI_LIBS:AVX2           /dev/null

MPI_PATH:X86_64         /home/jsoc/mpich2/bin
MPI_PATH:AVX            /home/jsoc/avx/bin
MPI_PATH:AVX2           /dev/null

TAR_INCS:X86_64         /home/jsoc/include
TAR_INCS:IA32           /home/jsoc/include
TAR_INCS:AVX            /home/jsoc/avx/include
TAR_INCS:AVX2           /home/jsoc/avx/include
TAR_INCS:IA64           /home/jsoc/include

TAR_LIBS:X86_64         /home/jsoc/lib/linux-x86_64
TAR_LIBS:IA32           /home/jsoc/lib/linux-ia32
TAR_LIBS:AVX            /home/jsoc/lib/linux_avx
TAR_LIBS:AVX2           /home/jsoc/lib/linux_avx
TAR_LIBS:IA64           /home/jsoc/lib/linux-ia64

PY_LIB                  python3.5m
PY_INCS:X86_64          /home/jsoc/anaconda3/include/python3.5m
PY_INCS:AVX             /home/jsoc/anaconda3/include/python3.5m
PY_INCS:AVX2            /home/jsoc/anaconda3/include/python3.5m
PY_LIBS:X86_64          /home/jsoc/anaconda3/lib
PY_LIBS:AVX             /home/jsoc/anaconda3/lib
PY_LIBS:AVX2            /home/jsoc/anaconda3/lib
PY_HOME:X86_64          /home/jsoc/anaconda3
PY_HOME:AVX             /home/jsoc/anaconda3
PY_HOME:AVX2            /home/jsoc/anaconda3

MEX_CC                  /usr/bin/gcc

# Set custom make file to tell the make system that the gcc cfitsio library is called
# libcfitsio_gcc.a
ifeq ($(COMPILER), gcc)
    ifeq ($(JSOC_MACHINE), linux_x86_64)
    CFITSIO_LIB = cfitsio_gcc

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