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Diff for /JSOC/configure between version 1.16 and 1.18

version 1.16, 2008/02/11 18:28:44 version 1.18, 2008/03/04 20:20:00
Line 150  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 150  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
         cd ..         cd ..
         echo "done"         echo "done"
         echo         echo
         # Set links to third-party libraries         # Set links to third-party libraries
         echo "Setting links to third-party libraries"         echo "Setting links to third-party libraries"
         if (!(-d lib_third_party)) then         if (!(-d lib_third_party)) then
Line 159  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 158  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
         cd lib_third_party         cd lib_third_party
         if (-e ../suflag.txt) then         if (-e ../suflag.txt) then
             ln -sf /home/jsoc/include include              ln -sfv /home/jsoc/include include
             ln -sf /home/jsoc/lib lib              ln -sfv /home/jsoc/lib lib
         else         else
             # Non-Stanford users.  # Non-Stanford users: edit these lines to reflect the location of required
   #  3rd party libs: cfitsio.a
               ln -sfv /usr/local/include include
               ln -sfv /usr/local/lib lib
         endif         endif
         set TPWARN = 0         set TPWARN = 0

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Karen Tian
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