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Diff for /JSOC/configure between version 1.13 and 1.58

version 1.13, 2007/12/11 21:51:50 version 1.58, 2010/03/11 03:58:49
Line 1 
Line 1 
 #! /bin/csh -f #! /bin/csh -f
   # set up $JSOC_MACHINE
   set JSOC_MACHINE = `build/jsoc_machine.csh`
   echo "Machine type is $JSOC_MACHINE"
   echo ""
 set CLEAN = "no" set CLEAN = "no"
 set CHKLIBS = "no" set CHKLIBS = "no"
 set CCMD = "c" set CCMD = "c"
 set LCMD = "l" set LCMD = "l"
   set LOCALIZE = "L"
 foreach ARG ($argv) foreach ARG ($argv)
     set FLAG = `echo $ARG | awk '{print substr($0, 2)}'`     set FLAG = `echo $ARG | awk '{print substr($0, 2)}'`
Line 46  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 52  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
         find . -name "*.h" -exec rm {} \;         find . -name "*.h" -exec rm {} \;
         cd ../..         cd ../..
     endif     endif
       if (-d include) then
           cd include
           find . -name "*.h" -exec rm {} \;
           cd ..
     echo "done"     echo "done"
     echo -n "Removing links to scripts..."     echo -n "Removing links to scripts..."
Line 75  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 87  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
             base/local/libs/soi/scripts/rmlinks.csh             base/local/libs/soi/scripts/rmlinks.csh
         endif         endif
     else     else
           # Make include directories here, since they are used by multiple script blocks below
           if (!(-d base/include)) then
               mkdir -p base/include
           if (!(-d include)) then
               mkdir -p include
         echo -n "Setting links for local project configuration..."         echo -n "Setting links for local project configuration..."
         if (-e suflag.txt) then         if (-e suflag.txt) then
             cd proj             cd proj
Line 100  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 121  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
             endif             endif
         endif         endif
         echo "done"         echo "done"
         echo "Setting links to headers..."  
         if (!(-d base/include)) then  
             mkdir -p base/include  
         cd base/include  
         find .. -path '../include' -prune -o -name \*.h  \( \( -exec ln -s {} . \; -a -exec echo "  " {} " OK" \; \) -o -exec echo "  " {} " ERROR - couldn't create link" \; \)  
         cd ../..  
         echo "done"  
         echo         echo
         echo "Setting links to scripts..."         echo "Setting links to scripts..."
Line 156  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 168  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
                 base/local/libs/soi/scripts/genlinks.csh                 base/local/libs/soi/scripts/genlinks.csh
             endif             endif
         endif         endif
           echo "done"
           # Site Localization
           # Path to the configuration file - at some point, make this an argument to the configure script
           set LOCALIZATIONDIR = ""
           set conflocal = "config.local"
           if (-e $conflocal) then
               set LOCALIZATIONDIR = `perl -n -e 'if ($_ =~ /^LOCALIZATIONDIR\s+(.+)/) { print $1; }' $conflocal`
           if ($LOCALIZATIONDIR == "") then
               set LOCALIZATIONDIR = ${PWD}/localization
           # Eventually, dump all these generated files into a user-specified location.
           # This script will need to read the config.local file to get the
           # localization directory. Otherwise, just use JSOC/localization as the default.
           # We should put custom.mk in the localization directory too.
           if (!(-d ${LOCALIZATIONDIR})) then
               mkdir ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}
               if ($? != 0) then
                   echo "Error creating localization directory."
     endif     endif
 endif endif
 # Enter required library names and versions here.          if (-e ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk) then
 if ($CHKLIBS == "yes") then              rm ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk
           # run moreconfigure.pl - this script is written in perl because it is easier to do the compiler detection
           # in perl. It also reads suflag.txt (if it exists) to set the default Stanford values for certain make variables
           ./moreconfigure.pl -f${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk
           if (!(-e suflag.txt)) then
               if (!(-e config.local)) then
                   echo "Error: config.local not found. If you have a saved version of this"
                   echo "       file from a previous installation, you should copy that into"
                   echo "       this directory and rerun configure. Otherwise, copy the file"
                   echo "       config.local.template to config.local and edit the config.local"
                   echo "       file to contain site-appropriate values."
     echo     echo
     echo "JSOC expects all third-party library header files to be located at $JSOCROOT/lib_third_party/include/ and all third-party libraries to be located at $JSOCROOT/lib_third_party/$JSOC_MACHINE/.  If you wish to build a target that uses one of the following third-paty libraries, please install the required library version and create a link from from $JSOCROOT/lib_third_party/include/ and $JSOCROOT/lib_third_party/$JSOC_MACHINE/ to the installed library headers and binary files, respectively."                  echo "*** IMPORTANT *** The edited config.local will contain site-specific"
                   echo "    values that should not be modified during subsequent updates to"
                   echo "    NetDRMS. Keep a safe copy of it somewhere outside of the DRMS"
                   echo "    directory tree, for example in /usr/local. After each NetDRMS"
                   echo "    update, ensure this file is in place."
                   exit 1;
                   echo "CUSTOM_DEFINES = __LOCALIZED_DEFS__" >> ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk
                   ./customizemake.pl ./config.local ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}
           else if (-e config.local) then
               # config.local is optional at Stanford, but it won't necessarily contain the same information that
               # a NetDRMS config.local contains. The first section contains items that will override the
               # the items in serverdefs.h. The second section contains items used to populate custom.mk,
               # which causes make systems variables to be defined that override the default make behavior
               # (such as overriding the name of the directory to which binary data are written - linux_x86_64_n02
               # instead of linux_x86_64, for example).
               # Override the defaults defined in serverdefs.h (don't use gen_init.csh as it does several things,
               # most of which are relevant only to non-SU NetDRMS sites). This script causes all
               # items included in config.local to override those defined in serverdefs.h, but not all
               # items need be specified in config.local.
               echo "CUSTOM_DEFINES = __CUSTOMIZED_DEFS__" >> ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk
               # update custom.mk with data from config.local
               ./customizemake.pl ./config.local ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}
           echo "Setting links to headers..."
           cd base/include
           find .. -path '../include' -prune -o -name \*.h  \( \( -exec ln -s {} . \; -a -exec echo "  " {} " OK" \; \) -o -exec echo "  " {} " ERROR - couldn't create link" \; \)
           cd ../..
           cd include
           if (-d ../base/include) then
               find ../base/include -name \*.h -exec ln -s {} . \;
           cd ..
           echo "done"
     echo     echo
     echo "Example:"  
     echo "  cd $JSOCROOT/lib_third_party/"  
     echo "  ln -s /usr/local/include include"  
     echo "  cd $JSOCROOT/lib_third_party/$JSOC_MACHINE/"  
     echo "  ln -s /usr/local/lib/libfftw3f.a libfftw3f.a "  
     echo "Library libfftw3f.a (v. 3.1.2) required for targets: universe, examples, helloworld, xinterp, demo_td08062007"  
     echo "Library libcfitsio.a (v. 3.03) required for targets: universe, examples, f_ingest_gong_mrv, f_dup_gong_mrv"  
 #    echo "Library libcfitsio.a (v. 3.03) required for targets: examples, helloworld"  
 #    echo "Library libmkl.so (v. 9.0) required for targets: examples, helloworld"  
 #    if ($JSOC_MACHINE == "linux_x86_64") then  
 #       echo "Library libmkl_lapack64.so (v. 9.0) required for targets: examples, helloworld"  
 #    else echo "Library libmkl_lapack32.so (v. 9.0) required for targets: examples, helloworld"  
 #    endif  
           # Custom make variable values - these will override the values set in moreconfigure.pl
           # echo "JSOC_COMPILER = gcc" >> custom.mk
           # echo "JSOC_FCOMPILER = gfortran" >> custom.mk
           # echo "DRMS_DEFAULT_RETENTION = -10" >> custom.mk
 endif endif
   # $CHKLIBS == "yes"
   # Enter required library names and versions here.

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