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Diff for /JSOC/configure between version 1.5 and 1.6

version 1.5, 2007/10/09 23:36:40 version 1.6, 2007/10/10 13:35:03
Line 76  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
Line 76  if ($CHKLIBS == "no") then
         endif         endif
     else     else
         echo -n "Setting links for local project configuration..."         echo -n "Setting links for local project configuration..."
         if (-d ../JSOC.LOCAL) then  
             cd src/proj             cd src/proj
             ln -sf ../../../JSOC.LOCAL/configure configure          if (-e suflag.txt) then
             ln -sf ../../../JSOC.LOCAL/make_basic.mk make_basic.mk              ln -sf ../../projconf/su/configure configure
             ln -sf ../../../JSOC.LOCAL/Rules.mk Rules.mk              ln -sf ../../projconf/su/make_basic.mk make_basic.mk
             ln -sf ../../../JSOC.LOCAL/target.mk target.mk              ln -sf ../../projconf/su/Rules.mk Rules.mk
             cd ../..              ln -sf ../../projconf/su/target.mk target.mk
               ln -sf ../../projconf/ex/configure configure
               ln -sf ../../projconf/ex/make_basic.mk make_basic.mk
               ln -sf ../../projconf/ex/Rules.mk Rules.mk
               ln -sf ../../projconf/ex/target.mk target.mk
         endif         endif
           cd ../..
         echo "done"         echo "done"
         echo -n "Setting links to man pages..."         echo -n "Setting links to man pages..."

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Karen Tian
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