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Diff for /JSOC/configure between version 1.62 and 1.63

version 1.62, 2011/02/04 01:33:56 version 1.63, 2011/02/08 22:23:47
Line 23  foreach ARG ($argv)
Line 23  foreach ARG ($argv)
     endif     endif
 end end
   # Backward compatibility - remove the links to the old make files in projconf
   if (-d proj) then
       cd proj
       if (-e configure) then
           rm configure
       if (-e make_basic.mk) then
           rm make_basic.mk
       if (-e Rules.mk) then
           rm Rules.mk
       if (-e target.mk) then
           rm target.mk
       cd ..
     echo -n "Remove links to man pages..."     echo -n "Remove links to man pages..."
     if (-e man) then     if (-e man) then
         rm -rf man         rm -rf man

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