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Diff for /JSOC/configure between version 1.70 and 1.72

version 1.70, 2013/07/31 23:55:17 version 1.72, 2013/11/12 02:38:49
Line 170  endif
Line 170  endif
             endif             endif
         endif         endif
           # TEMPORARILY create a link from ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/drmsparams.h to JSOC/base/libs/perl/JSOC_DB_INFO_INCLUDE.pl
           cd ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}
           rm -f drmsparams.pm
           ln -s ../base/libs/perl/JSOC_DB_INFO_INCLUDE.pl drmsparams.pm
           cd ..
         if (-e ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk) then         if (-e ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk) then
             rm ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk             rm ${LOCALIZATIONDIR}/custom.mk
         endif         endif

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Karen Tian
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