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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(dir) Attic/   [show contents]        
(dir) doxygen/    14 years  phil  gendox.csh/1.11
 Added fixes to enable graphs using "dot"
(file) HK_Level0_Debug_Guide.odt   1.15  12 years  carl  version 23 -Added item 11 for get_pointing_info bug
(file) HK_Level0_Debug_Guide.pdf   1.15  12 years  carl  version 23 -Added item 11 for get_pointing_info bug
(file) dcs2_convert_to_0_or_1.txt   1.2  14 years  kehcheng  dcs2 (the spare) is online all the time now
(file) dcs3_name_change.txt   1.5  12 years  production  fix passwd
(file) dcs_warmstandby.txt   1.1  13 years  production  initial
(file) dsc0_just_rebooted.txt   1.1  12 years  production  initial
(file) whattodo_aia_lev1.txt   1.1  12 years  production  initial
(file) whattodo_dcs.txt   1.2  12 years  production  update
(file) whattodo_start_stop_lev1_0_sums.txt   1.3  10 years  production  some update
(file) whattodolev0.txt   1.10  11 years  production  *** empty log message ***

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