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 1 production 1.1 
 2                !!NOTE: This is now being developed in
 3                /home/jim/public_html/finaldoc/iris_dc_devel_notes.html  2/28/2014
 6                The live IRIS datacapture host is irisdc and can only run iris.
 8                The iris-dc0 is the development machine and has been modified
 9                to run either IRIS, HMI or AIA. It can run all at the same time.
11                The iris datacapture machines are not compatible. No files s/b
12                copied between them, unless you know explicitly what you're doing.
13                Also the iris machines are incompatible with dcs[0,1,2]x.
14                (For example, they have no /home/production, /home/jsoc/cvs/Development,
15                no /home/jsoc. Different configuration files have different values,
16                etc.) 
18                There is no central cvs root tree for any of the datacapture
19                machines. They are all stand alone /home and file systems.
20                They must all do their own makes.
21                They are backed up as detailed below.
22 production 1.1 

Karen Tian
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