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!!NOTE: This is now being developed in
/home/jim/public_html/finaldoc/iris_dc_devel_notes.html  2/28/2014

The live IRIS datacapture host is irisdc and can only run iris.

The iris-dc0 is the development machine and has been modified
to run either IRIS, HMI or AIA. It can run all at the same time.

The iris datacapture machines are not compatible. No files s/b
copied between them, unless you know explicitly what you're doing.
Also the iris machines are incompatible with dcs[0,1,2]x.
(For example, they have no /home/production, /home/jsoc/cvs/Development,
no /home/jsoc. Different configuration files have different values,

There is no central cvs root tree for any of the datacapture
machines. They are all stand alone /home and file systems.
They must all do their own makes.
They are backed up as detailed below.

Karen Tian
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