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The "real" IRIS datacapture machine is irisdc. This is called the front
end machine. It runs /home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC/proj/datacapture/scripts/socdciris
which in turn runs ingest_lev0_irisdc. This is as user prodtest.
/home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC/proj/lev0/apps/ingest_lev0_irisdc.c is normally edited
on irisdc. It must be coded to run on both the frontend and the backend
(cl1n001) machines. It is run on the frontend by socdciris like so:

ingest_lev0_irisdc vc=VC03 indir=/sds/soc2soc/iris outdir=/sds/soc2pipe/iris
pipedir=/sds/pipe2soc/iris logfile=$log2 JSOC_DBNAME irisdb JSOC_DBHOST irisdc

It is run on the backend by doingestlev0_IRIS.pl like so:

ingest_lev0_irisdc vc=VC03 indir=/dds/soc2pipe/iris logfile=<log_file_name>
ingest_lev0_irisdc vc=VC03 indir=/dds/soc2pipe/iris/rexmit logfile=<log_file_name>

Note that an 'outdir=' must not be used in the bakend. This is how
ingest_lev0_irisdc knows to rm the tlm and qac files from the indir after
it has copied them to the /SUMs.

/home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC/proj/lev0/apps/ingest_lev0_irisdc.c is normally edited
on irisdc. It is then 'cvs commit' to the sunroom cvs/JSOC tree.
It is made on irisdc as user prodtest.

On n02, as user prodtest, do this:
n02:/home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC/proj/lev0/apps> cvs update ingest_lev0_irisdc.c
> cd /home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC
> make ingest_lev0_irisdc
(Then tell Art that the cvs/Development tree must be update.
Basically we want to get the new executable in place, something like this):
> cp _linux_x86_64/proj/lev0/apps/ingest_lev0_irisdc

Run on cl1n001 as user jsocprod (actually this will be done
by calling doingestlev0_IRIS.pl as user jsocprod):

cl1n001:/home/jsocprod> ingest_lev0_irisdc vc=VC03 indir=/dds/soc2pipe/iris

To stop the doingestlev0_IRIS.pl and the ingest_lev0_irisdc it has spawned,
run on cl1n001 as jsocprod:

> stop_lev0_IRIS.pl


To stop build_lev1_iris on cl1n001:
touch /usr/local/logs/lev1/build_mgr_stop_iris

Make on n02 prodtest:
n02:/home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC> make build_lev1_iris

as user jsocprod on cl1n001 put in Development:
cl1n001:/home/jsoc/cvs/Development/JSOC/bin/linux_x86_64> cp
/home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC/bin/linux_x86_64/../../_linux_x86_64/proj/lev0/apps/build_lev1_iris .

For test w/IRIS pre-launch:
cl1n001:/home/jsocprod> build_lev1_mgr mode=recnum instru=iris dsin=iris_ground.lev0_dc1 dsout=iris_ground.lev1_dc1_TMP brec=0 erec=0 quicklook=1 logfile=/tmp/lev1.log

cl1n001:/home/jsocprod> build_lev1_mgr
mode=recnum instru=iris dsin=iris_ground.lev0_dc1 dsout=iris_ground.lev1_dc1
brec=0 erec=0 numrec=12 numcpu=8 numqsub=16


On irisdc there is a cron job:
30 20 * * * /home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC/proj/lev0/scripts/rsync_irisdc_jsoc.pl

which rsync's:
 irisdc:/home/prodtest/cvs/JSOC to sunroom:/home/prodtest/irisdc_backup

There are some files in this tree, like with dcs[0,1,2] which are unique to
the datacapture machine.

Karen Tian
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