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This is an example of what to do when someont asks to have the
aia.lev1 processed from Dec 8 thru Dec 12.
Do on cl1n001 as production.

> showlev0fsnaia.pl 2010.12.08
16833263  16890862  fsn_range=57600

> showlev0fsnaia.pl 2010.12.12
17061750  17119349  fsn_range=57600

> build_lev1_mgr mode=fsn instru=aia dsin=aia.lev0 dsout=aia.lev1 quicklook=0 bfsn=16833263 efsn=17119349


To stop the build_lev1_mgr, do on cl1n001 (remember if you do this
on cl1n002 or cl1n003 will you stop the hmi.lev1_nrt or aia.lev1_nrt2):

> touch /usr/local/logs/lev1/build_mgr_stop_aia


NOTE: the nrt aia lev1 data is called aia.lev1_nrt2 for the new Dec 2010
release of the lev1 jsd.

Karen Tian
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