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	/home/production/cvs/JSOC/doc/whattodo_dcs.txt  14Apr2010

	Summary of starting a dcs0 or dcs1 machine after a reboot

NOTE:IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that each data capture machine has its
own independent /home/production and is accessed via j0.
Note the SUMS database is jsocdc. This is a separate DB on each dcs.

dcs0 = AIA
dcs1 = HMI

1. Login as user postgres:
(This s/b running from the boot of the machine:
/usr/local/pgsql-8.4/bin/postgres -D /var/lib/pgsql/dcs1_data)

> ssh-agent | head -2 > /var/lib/pgsql/ssh-agent.env
> chmod 600 /var/lib/pgsql/ssh-agent.env
> source /var/lib/pgsql/ssh-agent.env (NOTE: ^D if you went into csh earlier)
> ssh-add
(The password is written on my whiteboard (old production prod... passwd)) 

2. Login as user production: 

> ssh-agent | head -2 > /var/tmp/ssh-agent.env
> chmod 600 /var/tmp/ssh-agent.env
> source /var/tmp/ssh-agent.env
> ssh-add 
(The password is written on my whiteboard (old production prod... passwd))
NOTE: cron jobs use this /var/tmp/ssh-agent.env file

3. Start sum_svc and related programs:

> sum_start_dc

4. Start the vncserver:

> cd /home/production/cvs/JSOC/proj/datacapture
> vncserver -geometry 1280x1024

You will require a password to access your desktops.

Password: production password (basically no ....)
Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n

New 'X' desktop is dcs0.Stanford.EDU:1

5. Login as production on j0:

> vncviewer

(answer what vncserver told you, e.g. dcs0.Stanford.EDU:1)
(password is the 'basically no data')

6. In the window that vncviewer opened do:

> cd /home/production/cvs/JSOC/proj/datacapture/scripts>
> ./socdc

All you would normally do is hit "Start Instances for HMI" or AIA for
what datacapture machine you are on.


Stopping a dcs machine:

Hit the red "Exit" button on the VNC display of the socdc gui.
If you are not local ps and kill socdc. !!NOTE: If you
directly kill socdc you MUST also kill the 2 ingest_tlm processes.

Karen Tian
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