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Login on xim as production.

The xtape_svc will read the file /tmp/t950_status_dump.out to get
its tape inventory. So set up this file as you want before you start.

> cd /home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts
> sum_stop_xim.MULTI
> sum_start_xim.MULTI

Also run on xim as production:
> cd /home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts
> tximview -i jim
(connect to db jim, which is what xtape_svc is running with.)

If the Imp/Exp button on the top of the gui lights up, then you 
need to place a tape in the robot like so:
Hit Imp/Exp
A window comes up advising that 'We will unload n tapes(s)".
Hit the 'Start Expired Tape Unload'
You will see the tape unload into the import/export slots and
a new window will appear labeled 'Import/Export Ops'.
It will tell you what tapes it needs.
Edit the file:
(there's a copy save in /home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts)
to include the new tapes to be put into the unit. 
Make sure you change any 'Empty:' to 'Full :'
and make sure there are spaces after the tapeid at the end of the line.
This will simulate the reinventory that the t950 takes after you hit
the red button on the 'Import/Export Ops' window:
Exp/Exch Done

Wait while the new inventory is simulated and you should then see the
new tape start to read.

On xim you can see the lastest xtape_svc and xsum_svc log files with:
> logsum
> logtape
> logsumt  (tail -f)
> logtapet (tail -f)

If you need to remake xtape_svc do on n02 as production:
(it's always best to do this with setenv JSOC_DEBUG 1)
> cd /home/production/cvs/JSOC
> make xtape_svc

Karen Tian
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