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File: [Development] / JSOC / proj / datacapture / scripts / DDSSOC_PLAY.cfg (download)
Revision: 1.1, Tue Oct 16 21:48:16 2007 UTC (15 years, 7 months ago) by arta
Branch: MAIN
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Move JSOC/src/base to JSOC/base and JSOC/src/proj to JSOC/proj.  86 JSOC/src.

#Configuration Variables for DDS to SOC processing.
#The order of variabes in this file must be:
#directory where DDS puts files for SOC
$DIRDDS2SOC = /dds/dds2soc;
#Directory where processed file are move to
$DIRSOC2SOC = /dds/soc2soc;
#Directory where SOC puts files for DDS
$DIRSOC2DDS = /dds/soc2dds;
#Directory where SOC puts files for Pipeline
$DIRSOC2PIPE = /dds/soc2pipe;
#Directory where Pipeline puts files for SOC
$DIRPIPE2SOC = /dds/pipe2soc;
#Directory where SOC puts rejected files
$DIRREJECT = /dds/reject;
#Seconds to inspect (and create if sim mode) .tlm files:
$TLMSEC = 30;

Karen Tian
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