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     Here are the file types that are exchanged:

Extention   Originator  Frequency   Content
---------   ----------  ---------   -------
.tlm         DDS         1minute     HMI VCDUs
.qac         DDS         1minute     Ascii quality and accounting information
.dsf         DDS         1hour       DDS delivery status file
.asf         SOC         1hour       SOC acknowledgement status file
.ack         SOC         1day        tlm file names succesfully archived

The .qac file will be an ascii file with the following keywords:
 Keyword            |Description                                        |
 FILE_NAME=         |Name of corresponding TLM file                     |
 VERSION=           |Version number (recording time the format of this  |
                    |QAC file was modified)                             |
 QAC_FILE_SIZE=     |Size in bytes of this .qac file                    |
 TLM_FILE_SIZE=     |Size in bytes of associated .tlm file. Under normal|
                    |conditions this number should be constant for a    |
                    |given VD ID                                        |
 TOTAL_VCDU=        |Total number of VCDUs in TLM file.                 |
 DISCONTINUITY=     |Flag to indicate discontinuity in 24-bit VCDU      |
                    |counter.                                           |
                    |0=continuous, 1= discontinuous                     |
 TOTAL_BAD_VCDU=    |Total number of zero-filled VCDUs in TLM file. They|
                    |may correspond to missing VCDUs (discontinuity in  |
                    |sequence number) or non-correctable VCDUs.         |
 FIRST_VCDU_SEQ=    |Sequence number of first VCDU in TLM file          |
 FIRST_VCDU_TIME=   |MET time of first packet in this file (TBD)        |
 LAST_VCDU_SEQ=     |Sequence number of last VCDU in TLM file           |
 LAST_VCDU_TIME=    |MET time of last packet in this file (TBD)         |
 GAP_START=  (1)    |Sequence number of last VCDU before gap            |
 GAP_END=  (1)      |Sequence number of first VCDU after gap            |
 EOF_MARKER=        |Constant and recognizable ASCII string             |

(1) Repeat pair as necessary for each gap in the VCDU sequence number

This .dsf contains the file names of all the telemetry files that the DDS
has that have not yet been acknowledged or have not yet been retransmission 
requested by the SOC.

The dsf file will contain ASCII text entries as follow:
 Keyword            |Description                                      |
 FILE_NAME=         |Name of TLM file (present in DDS and Not         |
                    |acknowledged or Not rexmit request by SOC)       |
 FILE_SIZE=         |Size in bytes of TLM file.                       |
 STATUS=            |Status of TLM file (see below)                   |
 Code |Status         |Description                                   |
 1    |Active         |Delivery Attempted, Not acknowledged nor      |
                      !rexmit request by SOC                         |
 2    |Expunged       |Removed from active list, Not acknowledged,   |
      |               |Only issued once                              |

The .asf file will contain ASCII text entries as follows:
 Keyword            |Description                                      |
 FILE_NAME=         |Name of a TLM file, present in the DSF file.     |
 FILE_SIZE=         |Size in bytes of TLM file.                       |
 STATUS=            |Status of TLM file, Allowable values are         |
                    |described below                                  |
 MACHINE=           |If STATUS=2, Host receiving retransmission, if   |
                    |blank, default used                              |
 DIRECTORY=         |If STATUS=2, Directory receiving retransmission. |

 Code |Status         |Description                                   |
 2    |Retransmit     |SOC requested retransmit                      |
 3    |Acknowledge    |SOC acknowledges receipt of this TLM file.    |

At the end of each day the SOC will write a .ack file to /soc2dds
containing the tlm file names that have been archived successfully on
that day.
The .ack file will contain ASCII text entries as follows:
 Keyword            |Description                                      |
 FILE_NAME=         |Name of a TLM file.                              |
 FILE_SIZE=         |Size in bytes of TLM file.                       |
 STATUS=            |4= Archived is the only valid value in the ACK   |
                    |file                                             |

Karen Tian
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