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Current tag:Ver_8-11
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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(dir) Attic/   [show contents]        
(dir) drmsexport/        
(dir) exportdata.d/    7 years  phil  export_request_form.html/1.16
 Fix typo in description.
(file) exportdata.html   1.54  7 years  arta  *** empty log message ***
(file) exportdatatest.html   1.5  11 years  arta  Update test export page with latest changes to exportdata.html.
(file) lookdata.html   1.59  8 years  phil  Remove NOT DSDS from series select, no longer needed.
(file) prototype-   1.1  15 years  arta  Remove jsoc_support.js - it is no longer used; add prototype- - this c...
(file) register_email.html   1.3  7 years  arta  Move code waiting for email-registration to complete into a callback function. T...
(file) watch_lev0.html   1.7  9 years  phil  Removed solarmail as default notify address for external users.
(file) whitelist.txt   1.22  7 years  arta  Add for a user.

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Karen Tian
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