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 1 rick  1.1 Release code for farside analysis in the HMI pipeline
 3           If this directory is part of the CVS tree, the files in this directory have
 4           been mirrored from a specific version control system outside CVS and should
 5           not be modified without the consent of the author, Rick Bogart. Any changes
 6           introduced that are not synchronized with changes to the original control
 7           files are likely to be lost.
 9           Table of contents last updated 10.08.22
11           	Directories
12           CVS/		version control information
13           apps/		modules and programs to be compiled as run-time applications
14           scripts/	pipeline scripts
16           	Other
17           ReadMe		this file
18           Rules.mk	rules required for CVS tree makefile (may not automatically
19           		build apps nor link scripts in this directory)

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