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(file) Rules.mk   1.21  11 years  tplarson  added statistics to jv2ts
(file) durcon.c   1.1  13 years  tplarson  stand-alone program for converting durations to numbers of seconds
(file) imageinterp.c   1.3  11 years  tplarson  fixed bugs in treatment of x0, y0, and p-angle
(file) jhelio2mlat.c   1.5  11 years  tplarson  update of all pipeline modules
(file) jpkbgn.c   1.5  11 years  tplarson  can now take CROSSFILE as recordset
(file) jqdotprod.c   1.7  11 years  tplarson  update of all pipeline modules
(file) jrebinsmooth.c   1.2  11 years  tplarson  writes more info to history dataseries
(file) jretile.c   1.8  11 years  tplarson  now a wrapper for the specialized retile functions
(file) jretile_fewtomany.c   1.1  11 years  tplarson  retile optimized for few inputs to many outputs
(file) jretile_manytofew.c   1.1  11 years  tplarson  retile optimized for many inputs to few outputs
(file) jtsfiddle.c   1.6  11 years  tplarson  added checking of T_START
(file) jtsslice.c   1.6  11 years  tplarson  fixed IFIRST bug, added checking of T_START
(file) jv2helio.c   1.10  11 years  tplarson  fixed segmentation fault when no input records were found
(file) jv2ts.c   1.14  11 years  tplarson  can now disable history warning with histlink=none writes more information to hi...
(file) mkylms.c   1.1  11 years  tplarson  module to generate fake spherical harmonic images
(file) saveparm.c   1.2  11 years  tplarson  update of all pipeline modules
(file) set_history.c   1.2  11 years  tplarson  now writes argument cvsinfo to HEADER and full path to executable to MODPATH
(file) timing.c   1.1  13 years  tplarson  contains timing functions for globalhs modules
(file) undistortmdi.c   1.2  11 years  tplarson  fixed bad default value for MAPRMAX

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