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(file) Rules.mk   1.38  9 years  tplarson  add inv2d.x to globalhs shortcut
(file) calversfunctions.c   1.3  10 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) durcon.c   1.2  10 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) imageinterp.c   1.4  10 years  tplarson  start using projection.h
(file) inv2d.f   1.2  9 years  tplarson  now write output splittings to file splittings.out instead of stdout
(file) jpkbgn.c   1.11  8 years  tplarson  add parameters to accomodate change in sub24_()
(file) jrebinsmooth.c   1.6  9 years  tplarson  calculate image statistics and properly propagate QUALITY
(file) jretile.c   1.12  9 years  tplarson  add option to force use of particular retile routine, default to jretile_maxmem(...
(file) jretile_fewtomany.c   1.6  8 years  tplarson  change messages for quality<0
(file) jretile_manytofew.c   1.8  8 years  tplarson  change messages for quality<0
(file) jretile_maxmem.c   1.2  8 years  tplarson  change messages for quality<0
(file) jtsfiddle.c   1.15  9 years  tplarson  add VERSION parameter, correct bug to now properly reinitialize array msum
(file) jtsslice.c   1.12  10 years  tplarson  changed how cvs versions are tracked.
(file) jv2ts.c   1.24  9 years  tplarson  add MCORLevel2
(file) mkylms.c   1.5  10 years  tplarson  change drms_setkey_float() to drms_setkey_double() where appropriate
(file) saveparm.c   1.3  10 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) set_history.c   1.3  10 years  tplarson  got rid of HEADER, now use CVSTAG
(file) timing.c   1.2  10 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) undistortmdi.c   1.4  10 years  tplarson  missed a ;

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