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(file) Rules.mk   1.45  5 years  arta  remove superfluous module jv2ts4mdi
(file) calversfunctions.c   1.3  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) detrendcode.c   1.3  10 years  tplarson  changed Header: to Id:
(file) durcon.c   1.2  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) fitcom24.f   1.2  10 years  tplarson  fixed too-long lines
(file) gapfillcode.c   1.3  10 years  tplarson  changed Header: to Id:
(file) histinclude.c   1.1  13 years  tplarson  include file for saving processing metadata to ancillary dataseries
(file) imageinterp.c   1.4  9 years  tplarson  start using projection.h
(file) inv2d.f   1.3  6 years  tplarson  update compilation and version tracking for inv2d
(file) invobj.mk   1.2  6 years  tplarson  fix typo
(file) jhelio2mlat.c   1.6  10 years  tplarson  added call to drms_count_records()
(file) jpkbgn.c   1.14  3 years  schou  Forcing computation to long to allow for longer time series.
(file) jqdotprod.c   1.8  10 years  tplarson  added call to drms_count_records()
(file) jrebinsmooth.c   1.7  5 years  arta  no need to create a temporary output record to determine the name of the history...
(file) jretile.c   1.12  8 years  tplarson  add option to force use of particular retile routine, default to jretile_maxmem(...
(file) jretile.fewtomany.c   1.1  11 years  tplarson  this is the old version of jretile, more appropriate for retiling few inputs to ...
(file) jretile_fewtomany.c   1.8  6 years  tplarson  get rid of compiler warnings
(file) jretile_manytofew.c   1.10  6 years  tplarson  get rid of compiler warnings
(file) jretile_maxmem.c   1.6  6 years  tplarson  get rid of compiler warnings
(file) jtsfiddle.c   1.15  9 years  tplarson  add VERSION parameter, correct bug to now properly reinitialize array msum
(file) jtsslice.c   1.12  9 years  tplarson  changed how cvs versions are tracked.
(file) jv2helio.c   1.10  11 years  tplarson  fixed segmentation fault when no input records were found
(file) jv2hmod.c   1.6  11 years  tplarson  update of all pipeline modules
(file) jv2ts.c   1.28  5 years  tplarson  add option to continue after a segment read fails
(file) mkylms.c   1.9  6 years  tplarson  update
(file) pkbgapscode.c   1.2  10 years  tplarson  changed Header: to Id:
(file) pkbgncode.f   1.2  10 years  tplarson  fixed too-long lines
(file) saveparm.c   1.3  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) set_history.c   1.3  9 years  tplarson  got rid of HEADER, now use CVSTAG
(file) shtcode.c   1.4  10 years  tplarson  changed Header: to Id:
(file) timing.c   1.2  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) undistortmdi.c   1.4  9 years  tplarson  missed a ;

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