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(file) Rules.mk   1.40  7 years  arta  Remove globalhs from default build.
(file) calversfunctions.c   1.3  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) durcon.c   1.2  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) imageinterp.c   1.4  9 years  tplarson  start using projection.h
(file) inv2d.f   1.2  8 years  tplarson  now write output splittings to file splittings.out instead of stdout
(file) jpkbgn.c   1.13  6 years  tplarson  add printf statement
(file) jrebinsmooth.c   1.6  9 years  tplarson  calculate image statistics and properly propagate QUALITY
(file) jretile.c   1.12  8 years  tplarson  add option to force use of particular retile routine, default to jretile_maxmem(...
(file) jretile_fewtomany.c   1.6  8 years  tplarson  change messages for quality<0
(file) jretile_manytofew.c   1.8  8 years  tplarson  change messages for quality<0
(file) jretile_maxmem.c   1.2  8 years  tplarson  change messages for quality<0
(file) jtsfiddle.c   1.15  9 years  tplarson  add VERSION parameter, correct bug to now properly reinitialize array msum
(file) jtsslice.c   1.12  9 years  tplarson  changed how cvs versions are tracked.
(file) jv2ts.c   1.25  7 years  tplarson  fix potential infinite loop
(file) mkylms.c   1.8  7 years  tplarson  add checking of DTOFF
(file) saveparm.c   1.3  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) set_history.c   1.3  9 years  tplarson  got rid of HEADER, now use CVSTAG
(file) timing.c   1.2  9 years  tplarson  added string to track cvs versions
(file) undistortmdi.c   1.4  9 years  tplarson  missed a ;

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