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Diff for /JSOC/proj/globalhs/apps/inv2d.f between version 1.1 and 1.2

version 1.1, 2014/05/22 15:25:20 version 1.2, 2014/05/24 16:48:20
Line 303  c lmsplit(i)=iplm(msplit(i),lsplit
Line 303  c lmsplit(i)=iplm(msplit(i),lsplit
         open (26,file='err.2d',form='formatted')         open (26,file='err.2d',form='formatted')
       end if       end if
       open (27,file='avkern.2d',form='unformatted')       open (27,file='avkern.2d',form='unformatted')
 c     open (27,file='/scratch1/schou/kerf2',form='unformatted')  
       if (icoeff.eq.1) then       if (icoeff.eq.1) then
         open (28,file='coeff.2d',form='unformatted')         open (28,file='coeff.2d',form='unformatted')
       end if       end if
Line 601  c stop
Line 600  c stop
  1870   continue  1870   continue
  1875 continue  1875 continue
       do 1877,j=1,nrad1       do 1877,j=1,nrad1
         write (25,'(101f10.4)') (right(ijk(j,k)),k=1,nsetp1)          write (25,'(101f12.4)') (right(ijk(j,k)),k=1,nsetp1)
  1877 continue  1877 continue
       write (6,*) 'start calculating splittings'       write (6,*) 'start calculating splittings'
       time1=dtime(dummy)       time1=dtime(dummy)
Line 621  c set ixh to the last mode with a given
Line 620  c set ixh to the last mode with a given
       nx=ix       nx=ix
       chisq=0.0       chisq=0.0
 c*$* assert do (serial) c*$* assert do (serial)
       do 1897,ix=1,nx       do 1897,ix=1,nx
 c loop first over each ln c loop first over each ln
         i=iln(ixl(ix))         i=iln(ixl(ix))
Line 646  c s=ddot(nsetp1,f1o,1,g1i,1)+ddo
Line 646  c s=ddot(nsetp1,f1o,1,g1i,1)+ddo
  1893     continue  1893     continue
           l=lmode(i)           l=lmode(i)
           n=nmode(i)           n=nmode(i)
           write (6,'(i4,i4,f8.2,i4,2i3,3f12.4)')            write (10,'(i4,i4,f8.2,i4,2i3,3f12.4)')
   c         write (6,'(i4,i4,f8.2,i4,2i3,3f12.4)')
      c          l,n,freq(i),mnlm(i1),itnlm(i1),it1nlm(i1),      c          l,n,freq(i),mnlm(i1),itnlm(i1),it1nlm(i1),
      c          s,split(i1),sigma(i1)      c          s,split(i1),sigma(i1)
           chisq=chisq+((s-split(i1))*sigma1(i1))**2           chisq=chisq+((s-split(i1))*sigma1(i1))**2

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Karen Tian
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