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(file) set-qlist.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) README.txt (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) _MAIN.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.4  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) instructions.txt (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) modes.model.txt (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) quickstart.txt (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) sns.change.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) text-file-reader2.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  remove
(file) test.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test2.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test3.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test4.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test5.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test6.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test7.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.3  4 years  tplarson  removed
(file) test8.pd (in the Attic) [hide]   1.2  4 years  tplarson  removed

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Karen Tian
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