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 1 tplarson 1.1 
 2              this package contains the software used by the Sonification of Solar 
 3              Harmonics (SoSH) Project.  to run it, you will need to install pure 
 4              data, which can be found at http://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data or 
 5              at http://msp.ucsd.edu/software.html .  once installed, make sure it is 
 6              working with your soundcard by clicking on "Test Audio and MIDI" under 
 7              the "Media" menu.
 9              NOTE: pure data does not work in windows with block sizes above 65536, 
10              whereas the block size used here may be as large 262144.  this has 
11              worked fine for mac and linux.  when running in windows, make sure the 
12              block size is set appropriately.  a discussion and possible fix of this 
13              issue can be found at https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues/68 .
15              files to note:
16              modefilter_standalone.pd - the stand alone version of the patch.
17              modefilter.pd - version to be used as a subpatch.
18              instructions_audio.txt - an extensive introduction and explanation of 
19              the patches.
20              quickstart_audio.txt - much shorter instructions.
21              example_sum.pd - patch to play 5 tones at once or in sequence.
22 tplarson 1.1 example_sequencer.pd - patch to combine arbitrary lists of modes and 
23              concatenate them.
25              files written by the patches will go into the "wav_out" subdirectory.
27              all included files:
28              applywindow.pd        fft-resynth-negm.pd       qlist.hmi
29              arbitrarySRmulti.pd   fft-resynth-posm.pd       qlist.mdi
30              arbitrarySR.pd        instructions_audio.txt    qlist.test8
31              audio_safety~.pd      loadaudio.pd              quickstart_audio.txt
32              calcbinshift.pd       makegain.pd               README_audio.txt
33              example1.pd           makeoutputstring.pd       set-directory.pd
34              example2.pd           modeaddition.pd           symbolchange.pd
35              example3.pd           modecat.pd                text-file-reader.pd
36              example_addition.pd   modefilter0.pd            triggerlogic.pd
37              example_concat2.pd    modefilter.pd             vuzi.pd
38              example_concat.pd     modefilter_standalone.pd  window-gen.pd
39              example_sequencer.pd  modesum.pd                
40              example_sum.pd        numberchange.pd
41              fft-analysis.pd       parsedaylnm.pd

Karen Tian
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