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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(dir) hk/    14 years  carl  hk_apid_list_mapping_jsvn/1.1
 hk_apid_list_mapping_jsvn: List of apids to create JSOC version mapping files fo...
(dir) hmi_ground/    14 years  phil  q_import_lev0_CIF_from_file.csh/1.3
 fixed hmi_import call to use the _sock version, direct_connect not allowed for t...
(dir) mocserver/    14 years  jsoc  fdsNotification.pl/1.4
 Make the mail subject a parameter to fdsNotification.pl (the script that notifie...
(file) aih192lev0.pl   1.26  23 months  jeneen  Removed ANS phone numbers.
(file) crs2drms.pl   1.1  5 years  jps  Initial script to populate IRIS CRS table series.
(file) crs2drms_cron.pl   1.2  5 years  jps  Change SUMSERVER adefault series, stage dir.
(file) crs2drms_twig.pl   1.2  7 years  jps  Use $dcrname for crop table file name, if defined.
(file) crs2svg_twig.pl   1.1  9 years  jps  script to create SVG figure from IRIS CRS XML
(file) dmin0hmi0.pl   1.25  23 months  jeneen  Removed ANS phone numbers.
(file) dmin0lev0.pl   1.21  23 months  jeneen  Removed ANS phone numbers.
(file) doingestlev0_AIA.pl   1.6  2 years  thailand  Changed host check to cl2n machines
(file) doingestlev0_HMI.pl   1.6  2 years  thailand  Changed host check to cl2n machines
(file) doingestlev0_IRIS.pl   1.14  2 years  thailand  Changed host check to cl2n machines
(file) ingestIrisFDS.pl   1.10  9 years  arta  Do not fail when a non-expected file is encountered. Skip it and move to the nex...
(file) ingestIrisOrbit.pl   1.7  9 years  arta  Make the lock-files created world-writeable - couldnt figure out how to change g...
(file) ingestIrisSAAHLZ.pl   1.2  9 years  arta  Make the lock-files created world-writeable - couldnt figure out how to change g...
(file) lev0a2deflev1_FULL_PZT_FSN.pl   1.4  8 years  jsoc  Commit stuff people edited.
(file) lev0a2deflev1_FULL_PZT_FSN_cron.pl   1.3  8 years  jsoc  Commit stuff people edited.
(file) lev1_definitive.pl   1.5  10 years  jsocprod  Changed probe output dir to /surge40/jsocprod/lev0
(file) lev1_definitive_db.pl   1.7  8 years  jsoc  Commit stuff people edited.
(file) lev1fsn   1.1  9 years  jim  *** empty log message ***
(file) module_flatfield_daily_cron_48_PZT_FSN.pl   1.5  4 years  rick  modified to supply value of 1.01 to script module_flatfield_daily_qsub_48_PZT_FS...
(file) module_flatfield_daily_qsub.pl   1.4  8 years  thailand  Changed /scr21/production/qsub/flat to /surge40/jsocprod/qsub/flat
(file) module_flatfield_daily_qsub_48_CRonly.pl   1.2  8 years  thailand  Changed /scr21/production/qsub/flat to /surge40/jsocprod/qsub/flat
(file) module_flatfield_daily_qsub_48_CRonly2.pl   1.3  6 years  jeneen  Changed qsub command.
(file) module_flatfield_daily_qsub_48_CRonly2_PZT_FSN.pl   1.10  4 years  arta  fix missing semicolon; add quotes to command-line args
(file) module_flatfield_daily_qsub_48_PZT.pl   1.3  6 years  jeneen  Changed qsub command.
(file) module_flatfield_daily_qsub_48_PZT_FSN.pl   1.10  4 years  arta  fix missing semicolon
(file) pzt_flat_cron.pl   1.5  8 years  jsoc  Commit stuff people edited.
(file) recreate_flatfield.csh   1.1  12 years  production  initial
(file) redo_lev0_from_ds.pl   1.2  12 years  production  remove passwd
(file) redo_lev0_from_logs.pl   1.2  12 years  production  remove passwd
(file) rsync_irisdc_jsoc.pl   1.1  9 years  prodtest  *** empty log message ***
(file) set_irisdl_info.pl   1.8  6 years  jps  Handle inst frames log header better. Include T_BEG value in decsion to skip.
(file) start_ingest_lev0_hmi   1.2  15 years  arta  Fix hard-coded paths to use JSOC/base and JSOC/proj, not JSOC/src/base and JSOC/...
(file) stop_lev0_AIA.pl   1.2  8 years  prodtest  add stopX
(file) stop_lev0_HMI.pl   1.2  8 years  prodtest  add stopX
(file) stop_lev0_IRIS.pl   1.1  9 years  prodtest  *** empty log message ***
(file) time_lag_monitor.pl   1.6  14 years  timh  Update ds_names after reading args

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