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 1 arta  1.3 This directory contains C-module code.  There is one .c file per module.  The Rules.mk
 2           file tells 'make' how to build modules from these .c files.  There is only one .c file
 3           checked into CVS: mymod.c.  It is to serve as a template for development.  Please feel 
 4           free to edit mymod.c directly, but do not check-in changes to mymod.c to CVS.  
 5 arta  1.1 
 6 arta  1.3 By default, the Rules.mk file defines two template modules: a direct-connect module 
 7           (mymod) and a socket-connect module (mymod_sock).  You can edit the file mymod.c to 
 8           alter the behavior of this template and to test out new code. 
 9 arta  1.1 
10           To build both modules:
12           cd $JSOCROOT
13           make mymod
14           make mymod_sock
16 arta  1.3 To add a new module, edit Rules.mk in this directory, following the directions 
17           in that file.  Please notice the comments that start with NOTE.  They describe 
18           how to define a new module, and how to add library dependencies.  'Making' a newly
19           defined module is completely analogous to the 'making' the template module mymod.

Karen Tian
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