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Revision: 1.3, Fri Jul 2 19:36:51 2010 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago) by arta
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Changes since 1.2: +11 -14 lines
Restore previous versions - these versions were accidentally checked in

This directory contains C-module code.  There is one .c file per module.  The Rules.mk
file tells 'make' how to build modules from these .c files.  There is only one .c file
checked into CVS: mymod.c.  It is to serve as a template for development.  Please feel 
free to edit mymod.c directly, but do not check-in changes to mymod.c to CVS.  

By default, the Rules.mk file defines two template modules: a direct-connect module 
(mymod) and a socket-connect module (mymod_sock).  You can edit the file mymod.c to 
alter the behavior of this template and to test out new code. 

To build both modules:

make mymod
make mymod_sock

To add a new module, edit Rules.mk in this directory, following the directions 
in that file.  Please notice the comments that start with NOTE.  They describe 
how to define a new module, and how to add library dependencies.  'Making' a newly
defined module is completely analogous to the 'making' the template module mymod.

Karen Tian
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