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(file) auditing_ddl.sql   1.1  12 years  arta  Put consistent-state auditing code into our CVS tree.
(file) failover.cfg   1.1  12 years  arta  Add database failover code from db consultants
(file) repclient.nso.cfg   1.2  9 years  arta  Update the exe path for ActiveState updates.
(file) repclient.shoom.cfg   1.10  7 years  arta  *** empty log message ***
(file) repserver.cfg   1.38  2 years  arta  /tmp29 died; use /surge40
(file) repserver.dev.cfg   1.5  12 years  arta  Add database failover code from db consultants
(file) repserver.testparser.cfg   1.4  6 years  arta  whatevs
(file) run_failover.cfg   1.2  12 years  arta  Fix some minor mistakes and typos that got introduced when porting the failover ...
(file) slon_email_alert_emails.lst   1.6  4 years  arta  get rid of consistentstate email addresses
(file) slon_log_list.lst   1.4  11 years  jsoc  Make the emails go out more frequently.

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