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(file) auditing_ddl.sql   1.1  12 years  arta  Put consistent-state auditing code into our CVS tree.
(file) failover.cfg   1.1  13 years  arta  Add database failover code from db consultants
(file) repclient.nso.cfg   1.2  9 years  arta  Update the exe path for ActiveState updates.
(file) repclient.shoom.cfg   1.10  7 years  arta  *** empty log message ***
(file) repserver.cfg   1.33  7 years  arta  Do not use a home directory (which gets backed up) to transfer data to remote si...
(file) repserver.dev.cfg   1.5  13 years  arta  Add database failover code from db consultants
(file) repserver.testparser.cfg   1.3  10 years  arta  Update the module directory path.
(file) run_failover.cfg   1.2  13 years  arta  Fix some minor mistakes and typos that got introduced when porting the failover ...
(file) slon_email_alert_emails.lst   1.5  11 years  jsoc  Remove Rick from list of recipient of email warnings.
(file) slon_log_list.lst   1.4  11 years  jsoc  Make the emails go out more frequently.

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