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updated for 5.9

Release code for ring-diagram analysis in the HMI pipeline

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Table of contents last updated 10.08.19

CVS/		version control information


datavg.c	produce mean and variance matrices of selected data
gentargs.c	generate appropriate target lists of latitudes and longitudes
		for various analysis series appropriate for selected time
maicalc.c	integrate values from tracked magnetograms to get
		appropriate Magnetic Activity Index
mtrack.c	map and track multiple regions from a time sequence of solar
		images into a set of xyt data cubes
pspec3.c	calculate 3-d power spectra of xyt data cubes
rdcover.c	report coverage for selected input for mtrack
rdfitc.c	fit 3-d region spectra (ring-diagrams) using method of
		Basu and Antia
rdfitf.c	fit 3-d region spectra (ring-diagrams) using method of Haber
		N.B. There is currently no rule to make this module, nor
		supporting code; it is included for reference only
rdsinv.c	asymptotic inversion of ring fits for thermal structure
		parameters as functions of depth
rdvinv.c	OLA inversion of ring fits for velocity parameters as functions
		of depth

	Other Programs, Code
cart_to_polar.f90	used in rdfitf
cartography.c		used in maicalc, mtrack
ccint2.f		used in rdfitf
dogleg3.f90		used in rdfitf
earth_ephem.c		used in datavg, mtrack
first_deriv_1.f90	used in rdfitf
fourier_filter.f90	used in rdfitf
fourierlibn32.f		used in rdfitf
func1.f90		used in rdfitf
hlh2.f			used in rdsinv
hmifits.f90		used in rdfitf
imginfo.c		used in maicalc, mtrack
jpleph.c		used via earth_ephem.c
keystuff.c		used in datavg, mtrack, pspec3, rdcover, rdfitc, rdfitf,
			rdsinv, rdvinv
mdistuff.c		used in mtrack
multfactor.f90		used in rdfitf
ola_xy.f		used in rdvinv
polyval.f90		used in rdfitf
rdutil.c		used in rdsinv, rdvinv
read_guess.c		used in rdfitf
ring_pass.f90		used in rdfitf
ringanalysis.f90	used in rdfitf
second_deriv.f90	used in rdfitf
selstuff.c		used in maicalc, rdcover
soho_ephem.c		used in gentargs, mtrack, rdcover
solephem.c		used in maicalc, and via soho_ephem.c

ReadMe			This file

Karen Tian
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