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added for JSOC release 6.0

Release scripts for time-distance analysis in the HMI pipeline

If this directory is part of the CVS tree, the files in this directory have
been mirrored from a specific version control system outside CVS and should
not be modified without the consent of the author, Rick Bogart. Any changes
introduced that are not synchronized with changes to the original control
files are likely to be lost.

N.B. The pipeline scripts of this project require, in addition to the module
applications in ../apps the following additional modules from proj/rings/apps:

Table of contents last updated 11.11.14

CVS/		version control information

tdsynop*	0.9	run  a single instance of trackings plus analyses in
	the synoptic pipeline for a given time center
= tdsynop_ttim*		"_ttim and "_inv restart the processing at the point of
= tdsynop_inv*		the travel time calculations or inversions
runtdsynop*	0.9	run multiple tdsynop instances for selected time range
	in parallel

ReadMe			This file

Karen Tian
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