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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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(file) Rules.mk   1.23  7 years  phil  Add export_as_maproj
(file) aia_fixCROTA2.c   1.1  10 years  jps  Module to update CROTA2, EPERDN, and related keywords for aia.lev1
(file) arithtool.c   1.28  10 years  arta  Dummy changes - added a comment - for testing.
(file) drms2hdir.c   1.3  9 years  jps  Added IRIS compatibility.
(file) export_as_maproj.c   1.2  7 years  phil  Fixed missing drms_free_array(image).
(file) hg_patch.c   1.26  11 years  phil  Revert outparam code to prior style.
(file) hmi_fixCROTA2.c   1.16  10 years  phil  do all, do not skip missings
(file) hmi_limbdark.c   1.9  10 years  phil  Multiple changes from Venus transit work and exportdata cleanup. im_patch will s...
(file) im_patch.c   1.10  8 years  phil  Fix bad call to image_magrotate response.
(file) index_convert.c   1.1  12 years  phil  Add index_convert.c
(file) ingest_from_fits.c   1.8  12 years  arta  Fix for ingest_from_fits crashing when the -j flag is used. The code was requiri...
(file) jsoc_rebin.c   1.19  8 years  arta  This is to add support for export requests that use the {seg1, seg2, …} record...
(file) jsoc_resize.c   1.8  8 years  arta  Restore original semantics: if no seglist is provided as part of the record-set ...
(file) pfss_backup.c   1.4  8 years  jps  Add base file name arguments to generalize
(file) rebin2.c   1.5  13 years  phil  rewrite to make it work. Now takes int scale >0 for enlarging, <0 to reduce. Fix...
(file) render_image.c   1.20  7 years  phil  Allow T_REC if T_OBS not present. Old change just now checked in.
(file) time_convert.c   1.5  13 years  kehcheng  Fix typo (1997 -> 1977).

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