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Revision: 1.1, Mon May 13 22:02:04 2013 UTC (9 years, 8 months ago) by phil
Branch: MAIN
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General cleanup

#! /bin/csh -f

# WARNING - do not run this while gatekeeper is active

# script to add a repeating processing to make e.g. to run a task each day.

# This script is setup for HMI nrt data.


set NEWTASK = repeat_hmi_vec_nrt
set NEWGATE = repeat_hmi_vec_nrt

# remove prior test version

if (-e tasks/$NEWTASK) rm -rf tasks/$NEWTASK
if (-e gates/$NEWGATE) rm -rf gates/$NEWGATE

# finally make task 
$WFCODE/maketask.csh task=$NEWTASK manager=taskmanager.csh target=$NEWGATE maxrange=8640000 \

mkdir tasks/$NEWTASK/preconditions/hmi.lev1nrt
cat >tasks/$NEWTASK/preconditions/hmi.lev1nrt/prepare_ticket <<STOP
    set ACTION = 3
    set USEHIGH_t = \`time_convert time=\$USEHIGH\`
    @ USEHIGH_t = \$USEHIGH_t + 900
    set USEHIGH = \`time_convert s=\$USEHIGH_t zone=TAI\`

$WFCODE/makegate.csh gate_name=$NEWGATE product=none type=time key=NA \
	low=2010.03.24_00:00:00_TAI high=2010.03.24_00:00:00_TAI \
	actiontask=$NEWTASK statustask=scripts/status_clock.csh

# initialization ticket not needed. 

Karen Tian
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