HMI Data Coverage Plot Notes

The coverage maps in this directory show the coverage of the following series:

YYYY_MM_map_m.pdf     is a coverage map for the series hmi.M_45s
YYYY_MM_map_m720.pdf  is a coverage map for the series hmi.M_720s 
White spaces on the coverage maps indicate time where data is ready for use. The colors on the coverage map indicate times where the data product is not available or has some QUALITY bits set. Colors mean:

  gold  = iss loop open, an indicator that the instrument was not in normal data taking mode.
  blue  = Data records have been processed but there is no useful observation for this time.
  pink  = Data records are absent for this time, not observed or not yet processed.
  green = times when QUALITY is anything but 0x00000000
Note: gold is overplotted on blue; as a result, times when data is missing may be hidden underneath times when the iss loop is open.

Note: green areas are nearly always fine, for instance the daily stripes at 0600 and 1800 hours are times when daily calibrations are made (low line-of-sight velocity at SDO noon and midnight) and a pair dark and cal-mode filtergrams are made on each camera. This means that 2 of the normal 12 Doppler camera and 2 of the normal 36 Vector camera filtergrams are absent. Since several time steps on each side of the target time are used for interpolation this means that 2 of 72 filtergrams will be missing for 6 of the 45s time steps for the LOS products causing the vertical green bars on the coverage maps. Since the 12-min products also use data from a larger window for averaging, the green bars are wider for the 720s products. Data at these times have negligibly larger errors.

The fd10 coverage maps show the coverage of the following series:

YYYY_MM_fd10_nrt.png is a coverage map for the series hmi.ME_720s_fd10_nrt
YYYY_MM_fd_fd10.png   is a coverage map for the series hmi.ME_72s_fd10
The coverage maps in the /fd10 series are a montage of two maps: The left map shows coverage for hmi.S_720s and follows the color schemes outlined above. For the right map, colored spaces indicate times when inverted data is present; the color of the data correspond to the value of (INVNPROC) / ( PI*(RSUN_OBS*(1/CDELT1))^2 ), or (the number of inverted pixels)/(total number of pixels within the solar radius). Values greater than 1 are truncated to 1. The keywords RSUN_OBS and CDELT1 are obtained from the appropriate time in the hmi.S_720s data. White spaces indicate times where the stokes data are available but the inversion module has not yet been run.