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This directory contains release notes for "hmi_test" data series.

7 May 2010

hmi_test contains TRIAL "observables" data for HMI.  This data can be used to develop analysis
programs and MAY give good science results.  We know of certain systemmatic errors that will be
corrected in the coming month or so.  So consider this to be like a "beta" test release.

All data in this namespace (hmi_test) are transient and will be removed within 90 days. 
Before then we expect to have more final data in the "hmi" project namespace.

Please pay attention to flag bits in the QUALITY keyword.

In the coverage tables, the time given is the start of an interval of length "block"
                        n_OK means QUALITY >= 0
                        n_miss     QUALITY < 0
                        n_UNK means no record is present.

See notes by date for information about all series.
See notes by SeriesName for information about specific series.

Coverage tables are provided.  For 45s data there can be 1920 values per day.
During SDO commissioning, standard data products are only available for
selected intervals.  Commissioning ended on about 1 May 2010.